We’re number one!

May 8, 2011

It’s happened.

After nearly 12 months and 50 episodes, we’ve reached the top!

Even if it’s only for a few hours, we’re delighted to have finally made it to number one:

(Screenshot sadly lost to the sands of time… ?)

Yep, we’re top of the hot blogs on PlanetLotus. Sure, it’s just a statistic, and likely a short lived one too. But we’d like to think it’s significant – a podcast is popular enough across the community to get a volume of click-throughs to rate as the most popular site, and that’s on top of the hundreds that subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or go direct to the site.

That’s always been the aim, to create a show that’s popular, topical, constructive and relevant across this great community – to further the case for Lotus and IBM Collaboration Solutions software products, to debate issues and topics of relevance to users and prospective users, to add value to efforts by the community and to support those that do great work in their fields.  It seems to be working – would you agree?

So, after 50 episodes in 50 weeks, we speed headlong toward our anniversary.  Just to break with tradition, we’re going to celebrate the occasion a week late, in episode 53.  We’ll be live that week at UKLUG in Manchester.  Our hosts Warren and Kitty Elsmore (and the team) have kindly given us permission to record a live show during the lunchtime period on Monday 23rd May.  We’ll have a stellar panel of experts (UKLUG speakers, organisers and attendees), the usual list of topics to debate and tips to share, plus a few great surprises to throw in as well.  If our Lotusphere Live show is any example, it should be a great experience for all – good fun, topical debate and humour too.  Of course, we’ll be posting the audio as our podcast for that week too.

All of us at This Week in Lotus (Stuart, Darren and Lisa) would like to thank you for your support and feedback through the past 50 shows, and especially to all our great guests that have given up their time to take part.  Without it, there would be no This Week in Lotus show.  Thank You.

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