Episode 115, recorded on Tuesday 30th August 2016.  We discuss the MWLUG 2016 conference, the future of IBM Domino and xPages development, what Project Toscana means for all of us, and the IDC announcement that IBM leads the Social Business marketplace for the 7th consecutive year. Oh and on our final TWiL ever, we share an exciting announcement – WTF?


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Jesse GallagherJesse Gallagher (blog | twitter) is CTO at I Know Some Guys and a second-generation Domino developer. He is on the board at OpenNTF and blogs semi-regularly at frostillic.us.


We’re Back!

  • Just a one off, as we were all at MWLUG
  • TWiL archives coming back online on a brand new site… Relive the glory days at thisweekinlotus.com! Up to episode 74 now, remainder to come very soon

Introducing Jesse (0:02:17)

MWLUG (0:05:15)

Future of IBM Notes & Domino? (0:30:39)

App Dev and app modernisation (0:40:14)

More clarity on Project Toscana (0:52:48)

IBM partnering with key competitive collaboration SaaS vendors (1:06:43)

What else?



Darren: Universal Remote for iPhone and Android….will be some good once it works

Jesse: Eclipse Mylyn plugins for GitHub and Bitbucket

Stuart: Yet another headset! Plantronics Voyager Focus headset Great for desk and mobile use, pairs with USB, dongle and at least two bluetooth devices. I use with iPhone, iPad Pro and iMac. 10 hour battery life and very light.  Also, TWiL archives are (mostly) back…

An Announcement

Listen to the show!

UPDATE: the new podcast is ‘WTF Tech’ and is available to stream or download at WTFTech.fm. Listen now!

Episode 92 recorded on Friday 9th March 2012.  Mike McGarel joins Darren and Stuart to discuss the XWork Server offering  6 months on, the new OpenNTF XPages development contest, a new and improved xpages.info site and community efforts to improve IBM Connections documentation.

[The XXX Episode – That’s XWork, XPages contest and xpages.info, hope that still proves arousing ?]


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Mike McGarel

Mike McGarel (blog | Twitter) , As a Collaborative Solutions Developer for Czarnowski Display Services, “XPages marks the spot”in my career right now. All of our new development efforts have been XPages-focused for over a year.  I am Vice President of GRANITE, the Chicago-based ICS user group. I also help out with various community get-togethers such as the Blogger Open at Lotusphere and the annual Midwest Lotus User Group conference.


XWork Server Update – TNG

  • Ed asks what next for the newest member of the Domino family
  • “Social Business Databases”?
  • ISV chicken and the egg issues?
  • “. . . awareness is lower than we expected at this point in time.”Proof that it needs its own marketing campaign?

Third OpenNTF Development Content

  • Sponsored by We4IT
  • Deadline: June 3rd, 2012
  • Two categories (Controls and Applications). Each category will have 2 winners. The Control category winners will receive $800.00 each, the Application category winners will receive $1600.00 each. The winners can choose between Amazon vouchers or payment via Paypal.

“New look”of http://xpages.info

  • Fantastic work by Bruce and the team

Connections Community Documentation

iPad Fever

  • Stresses the need to get up to speed on mobile development. If you’re company is still thinking about mobilizing your apps, it time to stop thinking and start doing.
  • So how many iPad 3’s will Stuart be buying? 😉

MWLUG 2012

  • Dates: August 15th – 17th
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA at the Omni William Penn Hotel.
  • 5 Tracks: Administration, Application Development, Business Cases and Strategy, New Technology and Integration, and Social Business
  • YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/mwlug (videos from 2009-2011)
  • Website: new XPages-based site plans to debut at the end of March
  • Call for abstracts:  Planned for mid-April 2012



  • Notepad++. Notepad they way it should have been. One of the first things I install on a new machine. Excellent light weight editor.


  • In the grand tradition of developers stealing borrowing from one other, I saw this site mentioned within a Planet Lotus blog post from Mark Roden: http://jsbeautifier.org/. It makes JavaScript code more readable by adding indents and line breaks.


  • Chrome with IBM Connections Files issue workaround. Great job, Sjaak!

Episode 90 recorded on Friday 24th February 2012.  We meet with four IBMers about the latest XPages book, the XPages Portable Command Guide, to discuss the aims and content of the book, who should read it, which resources someone new to the technology should read and more. Oh and Darren takes questions from the audience. Dangerous!


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Martin Donnelly

Martin Donnelly (LinkedIn | Twitter) is a software architect and team lead for the XPages runtime team in IBM Ireland and has worked on all four XPages releases from Notes/Domino 8.5 through 8.5.3. Martin lives in Cork with his wife, three daughters, and two greyhounds. He admits to playing soccer on a weekly basis (should have hung up his boots YEARS ago) and salmon angling during the summer when the opportunity presents itself.

Tony McGuckin

Tony McGuckin (LinkedIn | Twitter) is a Senior Software Engineer on the IBM XPages development team working from the IBM Ireland Software Labs.  He is also co-author of the Mastering XPages and XPages Portable Command Guide books.  Currently he is focussing on XPages Mobile and Social tooling/controls for XPages futures.

Maire Kehoe is a Staff Software Developer at the IBM Ireland Software Labs, where she has worked on the XPages technology for Lotus Notes and Domino since the 8.5 release. She is a co-author of the book XPages Portable Command Guide.

dan o'connor

Dan O’Connor (LinkedIn | Twitter | IBM) is the team lead for Domino Designer based out of Littleton, MA. He is a co-author of the book XPages Portable Command Guide. Dan has worked on Domino Designer since the 8.5.0, prior to that Dan worked on Lotus Component Designer and Rational Application Developer.


xpages portable command guideThe XPages Portable Command Guide

  • (Amazon US Paperback | Amazon US Kindle | Amazon UK Paperback | Amazon UK Kindle)
  • Follow on to the magnificent Mastering XPages
  • How did Maire and Dan get involved?
  • What does it cover?
  • Do you get stopped in corridors?
  • If one was new to XPages, would you still read ‘Mastering Xpages’first?
  • Who is it for?
  • Available in what formats?
  • Does it cover the extension library as well?
    • No, but new book coming from Paul Hannan, Tim Tripcony, Paul Withers et al in April

Meet the Authors video:

  • How did this come about?
  • Do you think it will help sales of the book?

Where are we with XPages?

  • Has it now completely replaced ‘classic’development techniques?
  • Are we seeing some leading-edge apps written with it yet?
  • What is IBM developing in XPages internally? Any great use cases you can share?
  • How do you feel about the vitality around XPages now that it’s a toddler 😉

Andrew Pollack’s “Delving into XPages”post

  • Lots of comments
  • Is he right? Is documentation inside of the product lacking?

From the TweetBag:

  • From Steve Pitcher, “What does the major lack of Quickr sesions at LS12 indicate?”
  • From Keith Brooks, “If not yellow, which color will ICS be?”



  • Watch out when deploying Symantec Endpoint Protection with Notes preloader in 8.5.2 and later. It seems to be SEP 11.0.7 and higher but don’t take my word on that. Basically it crashes Notes at log on and the only fix (so far) is here. So far the issue seems random (not all PC’s are affected), but YMMV.


  • Get on OpenNTF.org and try our latest stuff as a habit – whenever you can. Give us early feedback, and contribute where you can …it’s a great chance to influence XPages futures!





Episode 74, recorded on Wednesday 19th October 2011.  We discuss the latest release of the XPages Extension Library, the IBM XWork Server offering, the XPages Contest, DANNotes and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Niklas HeidloffNiklas Heidloff (blog | twitter | OpenNTF blog) is is an architect in the IBM Lotus Domino development team and leads IBM’s engagement in OpenNTF including XPages.info.
Martin DonnellyMartin Donnelly (linkedin) is a software architect and tech lead for the XPages runtime team in IBM Ireland and has worked on all three XPages releases from Notes/Domino 8.5 through 8.5.2, Prior to this, Martin also worked on XFaces for Lotus Component Designer and on JSF tooling for Rational Application Developer. In the 1990s while living and working in Massachusetts, he was a lead developer on Domino Designer. Now, once again based in Ireland, Martin lives in Cork with his wife, three daughters, and two greyhounds. When pressed, he confesses to playing soccer on a weekly basis, and salmon fishing during the summer when the opportunity presents itself.
Chris ConnorChris Connor (company | twitter | blog | linkedin) is a Consultant / Developer in XPages, Mobile, Eclipse, Java. Worked with Lotus Notes and Domino for 16+ years. Based in Hamilton (just outside Glasgow) in Scotland. Works for customers throughout the UK.


XPages Extension Library update 

  • What is the Extension Library?
  • Why did IBM release this as an extra library?
  • What’s new in the release?
    • Mobile controls
    • Social Enabler
    • Extlib tooling plugin for Designer
    • New discussion and teamroom template
    • Upgrade to support accessibility and localization
  • What version of Notes/Domino is required?
  • What happens to the Mobile Library?
  • How does the Extension Library get deployed and how does support work?

Reflections on IBM XWork Server launch 

  • What has the reaction been like from customers?
  • Beyond the 4×4 and 8×8 restrictions the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Uplift parts for Connections entitlements announced 

  • Just 60GBP list price
  • Effectively discounts Connections sales into N/D customers by ~40%
  • Difficult to know how to handle customers where only some of the users need the uplift

XPages Contest 

  • Goals: Mobile apps or social applications
  • Awards: 3 iPads/iPhones/vouchers and 1 Lotusphere 2012 ticket
  • Deadline for submissions: 12/02/11

XSnippets – Next Generation of the OpenNTF Code Bin 

  • Contributors: Frank van der Linden, Serdar Basegmez, Bruce Elgort, Niklas Heidloff
  • Other goal: Document how we do things, not only the results

DANNotes coming soon 

  • Niklas, Chris and Stuart all speaking there
  • 23-24 November, 2011 in Korsor, 75 minutes West of Copenhagen


Lose hours and hours (via twitter, sorry can’t recall who) – http://www.drawastickman.com/

http://xpages.info/videos has 10 hours of free XPages videos

New books:
XPages Extension Library – ETA April 2012 (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
XPages Portable Command Guide: A Compact Resource to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language – ETA January 2012 (Amazon US | Amazon UK)

Look at building XPages apps more around java instead of SSJS.

SocialNotes – fixed price deployment of Connections Files & Profiles for Notes/Domino customers

[Music this week courtesy of the Stone Roses who announced they are reforming yesterday. Go buy their music on iTunes!] 

Episode 39, recorded Thursday 17th February 2011, discussing the massively successful ‘Mastering XPages’ book, Domino Designer on the Mac, Watson and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Tony McGuckin (linkedin) is a software engineer in the IBM Ireland software lab. He began his career with IBM in 2006 working in software product development on the Lotus Component Designer runtime before morphing into the XPages core runtime team. When not directly contributing to the core runtime, Tony is busy with software research and development for the next generation of application development tooling for both Domino server and XPiNC. He also spends time engaging directly with IBM customers as an XPages consultant, and being involved with the IBM OneUI web applications and iWidgets adoption workgroup. Tony lives in Northern Ireland where its always warm and sunny.

Martin Donnelly (linkedin) is a software architect and tech lead for the XPages runtime team in IBM Ireland and has worked on all three XPages releases from Notes/Domino 8.5 through 8.5.2, Prior to this, Martin also worked on XFaces for Lotus Component Designer and on JSF tooling for Rational Application Developer. In the 1990s while living and working in Massachusetts, he was a lead developer on Domino Designer. Now, once again based in Ireland, Martin lives in Cork with his wife, three daughters, and two greyhounds. When pressed, he confesses to playing soccer on a weekly basis, and salmon fishing during the summer when the opportunity presents itself.

Mark Wallace (linkedIn) is a software architect working in the IBM Ireland software lab. In the past, he worked on the XSP runtime, which was developed for Lotus Component Designer and subsequently evolved into the XPages runtime. He has a keen interest in programming models and improving developer productivity. Mark has worked in Lotus and IBM for more than 15 years on various products and is currently working on Sametime Unified Telephony. Mark lives in Dublin with his wife and two children and spends as much time as possible in the Ireland’s sunny south east enjoying fishing and kayaking with his family.


Mastering XPages Book

  • How did the book come about?
  • When did you start work?
  • It’s quite a tome! 750 pages! How long did it take you to write?
  • Who is the book aimed at?
  • How did you split out the workload?  By chapter, by topic?
  • Who was responsible for the overall flow and organisation of the content?
  • The book was launched just prior to Lotusphere – great timing!
    • At LS11 it out sold any book at any IBM event in the last 6 years!
    • How have sales gone so far?
    • Pleased with the reaction?
    • Did that “fixed date”cause extra work?
  • What were the greatest challenges to writing the book?
    • How did you overcome them?
    • Would you write another one, given the experience?
  • Did you have to make any changes when 8.5.2 shipped?
  • Why write a book?
    • Has it raised your profile in IBM?
  • Discounts, discounts, get yer discounts here
    • Good through February!!!
    • Get 35% off the book in the US
    • Get 40% off the ebook version
    • See Ellice’s blog for details, codes and links

DDE on Mac

  • Why the sudden storm of discussion?
  • Would it be that hard to do?
  • Ed says the decision is a business justification one and that “cost != opportunity cost”. Is this one that must be justified by net new revenue, or is it (like social business) not possible to justify ROI, but needs to be done as the cost of not doing it is so great?
  • Is full DDE necessary, or would a designer just for XPages be enough?
  • Should we be looking beyond Domino Designer to other development tools (RAD7, Portlet Factory etc) being Mac-based?

Watson on Jeopardy

  • Wow!
  • A good advert for IBM?  Good PR?
  • What does this tech mean for us?  Can we see a day where call centres are replaced by Watson-type technology?
  • Built on the Power7 platform

IBM Execs beginning to get social!

  • Alistair Rennie now on Twitter
  • Does IBM pushing Social Business mean that IBM/Lotus must be seen to be leading the way in being more social itself?
  • Does Social need to mean external, or is internal enough?

UKLUG Call for Abstracts open


DarrenFree bar code labels for tape libraries, just buy the correct Avery label, http://tapelabels.librelogiciel.com/

Oh, and we have an e-book version of the “Mastering XPages”book to give away. Send an email before 12PM EST next Wednesday to ideas@thisweekinlotus.com to enter.

StuartBuy Mastering XPages!
TonyIf you’ve not already downloaded the new TeamRoom OpenNTF 8.5.2 template from OpenNTF.org then you should do so now!

It is quite literally a developers goldmine for examples and best practices on how to use many of the new controls found in the XPages Extension Library!  And don’t be shy on giving feedback!

Bear in mind it’s currently geared at 8.5.2, requires the Extension Library of course, and works best in Firefox 3.6, and MSIE 7 & 8.  In the coming weeks we’ll be updating it with more cross browser, XPiNC, and performance enhancements!


MarkTake some time to go through the samples in chapter 4 “Anatomy of an XPage”, these will provide you with valuable lessons on the structure of an XPages and the fundamentals of the XSP language. Happy Reading!
Martin1) XPages book has tips throughout – chapter 9 is a good one (about sorting in views)
2) Always thank the people that help – in the acknowledgements section!

Episode 28, recorded Friday 26th November 2010, discussing reasons to be thankful, Connections 3.0 GA, Transformer demo, ‘classic’ applications, XPages performance in the Notes client, the new XPages URL Shortner and more…

Please note: we have started to put times in the show notes for when we start to discuss each topic, in order to make it easier to fast-forward through the show to the topics that are of particular interest.  If you would like us to produce an enhanced podcast (AAC format) version of the show with multiple chapters to cover the individual chapters, please do let us know.

Also, we have made the decision to move to recording this show on Thursdays from this point forward, in order to allow additional time to get the podcast produced and still release on a Friday in time for the commute home (in Europe and America at least). Hope this meets with your approval!


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Tony McPhail (twitter) is IT Technical Manager with The Salvation Army, Southern Territory, responsible for Enterprise application and infrastructure, including CItrix, VMware and Lotus Domino portfolio. Domino, Notes and iNotes clients, sametime, quirck and connections.

Pim van Wetten (blog | twitter | lotuslive) has worked with Lotus related software for over 11 years. After finishing his studies in Management and Information Sciences in 1999, Pim van Wetten (1974) started working at e-office. e-office is a Dutch IBM Business Partner that consults organizations about the way they can use technologies to collaborate more efficiently independent of place or time. During the first six years of his career Pim has taken a deep dive in technology by programming in Lotus Notes, WebSphere and WebSphere Portal. Then, he broadened his activities with project management and consultancy. The last three years he specialized in enterprise social media consulting. Pim is a regular speaker on this topic and has hosted several Lotus Connections sessions at the Dutch Notes User Group (NLLUG).

Tim Clark (blog | twitter | lotuslive) is an IT Specialist working in IBM Lotus Technical Sales in the UK and Ireland. Tim has been working for Lotus since 1994 and still loves it. The last few years have seen Tim focus on XPages, but now that focus is shifting to help customers understand how they can improve their collaboration using Lotus Software products. Tim is also a founding member of the XCast, an XPages podcast, which will be re-launching for Lotusphere 2011 with new hosts.


Thanksgiving week – what is your ‘reason to be thankful’? (04:52)

Lotus Connections 3.0 GA (07:43) 

  • First available to customers, then partners – what were they thinking? 😉
  • Lots of useful resources, not least a checklist for the upgrade
  • Demo video
  • Several HowTo video’s
  • Installation worksheet (would this be appreciated for other Lotus products? Would it scare people off?)
  • Side-by-side upgrade – makes you realise how good Domino upgrades are
  • Wiki-based documentation – how do we feel about this? Should there still be a straightforward Infocenter?
  • CMIS demo of Luiz Benitez showing integration with Lotus Connections
  • Is there a pilot version of Lotus Connections 3.0?

Transformer demo on LotusUserGroup.org (28:41) 

  • What do we think?
  • Is automated process the way ahead?

“Classic”- phrase du jour (37:52) 

  • Developers are affecting the messaging side with this jihad to create a nomenclature to separate out XPages
  • Mail is still a Notes app (composite and all, people think it is just LS and forms)
  • Would you invest in a messaging platform dubbed as “classic”or “legacy” by the very people who’d sell it to you?

On a related note Jake Howlett’s “Are You A Domino Developer?”survey (41:06) 

XPages in the Notes Client Speed – Sean Cull (43:25) 

  • aka XPiNC
  • A 80 fold increase in data transmitted to the client over a regular Lotus Notes app

XPages URL Shortner (48:12) 

What happened to the XCast? (50:01)

Lotusphere 2011 only 65 days away (51:59) 

  • No sign of session confirmations yet
  • Who’s attending? Submitted abstracts?
  • What is the Lotusphere Solutions Developer Lab?

Traveler for Android out by the Holidays (58:01) 



TimKeep an eye out for the new book “Mastering XPages Development”(Amazon UK US) due out in time for Lotusphere 2011 and should be on the bookstall. Written by Martin Donnelly, Mark Wallace and Tony McGuckin with technical review by Maureen Leland and John Mackey.
PimMy tip is about social software. Focus on collaboration, on improving your daily activities. It’s about business value, not a social cool tool.
TonyUse Lotus Sametime.. awareness to see if people are available, send message to see if they can accept your interruption.
DarrenThis has been said before in TWiL, but Evernote is amazing. I’m using it to sync “notes”between several Windows laptops, my Galaxy S Android phone, my BlackBerry Tour and my Galaxy Tab Android Tablet. I store things like wifi passwords, etc and have them accessible no matter the device I’m one.
Stuarta) Need to know more about Social Collaboration (and specifically Lotus Connections)? Join the Collaboration Matters/Applicable webinar series, starting on December 6th.
b) SSDs rock.  Expensive but worth every penny/cent/dime etc

Episode 19, recorded Friday 24th September 2010, discussing the XPages Extension Library, OpenNTF.org and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company)  & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Niklas Heidloff (blog | twitter) is a developer in the IBM Lotus Domino team and leads IBM’s engagement in OpenNTF.

Phiippe Riand (linkedin) is in charge of new technologies within the Lotus Domino offering. He’s the architect for XPages, a brand new Java based technology provided in the Domino server. It helps reinvigorate Domino Web apps by providing a real Web 2.0 development environment, using the latest technologies.

Tony McGuckin (linkedin)  is a software engineer for IBM, based in Dublin, Ireland. He is one of the authors of the forthcoming “Mastering XPages” book.

Paul Withers (blog | twitter | company) leads the Domino Development Team at Intec Systems Ltd, an IBM Business Partner in UK, and fledgling contributor to OpenNTF.


Addition of the XPages Extension Library to OpenNTF (XPagesBlog, SlideShare, OpenNTF Blog

  • What is it?
  • Who wrote it? Why?
  • Why has it been added to OpenNTF rather than to the product?
  • What version of Notes/Domino is required?
  • Is it for developing for the Web, the client or both?
  • Is there any training available? Videos – modal dialog, value picker – 9 videos planned. 70 page document (work in progress)
  • Is IBM offering any support for the library?
  • Can developers extend/edit the library?
  • (From Matt White) How can we include the Extension Library into our templates so that we can distribute NTFs without requiring server change?
  • What if users want new features?
  • What does this mean for XPages as a development environment?
  • What is planned for the future?

Other XPages news 


  • What’s the current status? (number of contributions, licensing, downloads etc.)
  • What’s happening in the future?

IBM’s win at Singapore Airlines – Ed Brill’s post 

  • Upgrade of Notes/Domino to 8.5 – press release
  • Plus Connections, Quickr and more

IBM could be bigger than Facebook – Luis Benitez post 

  • Fast Company article ‘Fathoming a new product from IBM via a launch event is like trying to understand the ocean by watching a wave. Nonetheless that was my task, swimming through the presentations and ultimately landing an interview with Jeffrey Schick, IBM’s VP of Social Software. Drenched in the vision Schick shared for the IBM Customer Experience Suite, it occurred to me that IBM could end up being more important to the business use and monetization of social media than Facebook.’
  • What does the article mean? Is IBM cool now? 😉

Collaboration University 

  • London event was run Tuesday-Thursday
  • Great success
  • Louis Richardson gave keynote
  • Good attendance and fine presentations
  • Chicago event next week

Lotusphere Registration has opened 

  • Early bird offers
  • Only Dolphin and Swan offered as hotels – why?
  • When will abstracts open?
  • Lotusphere Blog is back


Darren: Domino 8.5.2 supports Windows 2008 R2 – see the 8.5.2 system requirements doc – and what happened to “tech notes”?

Niklas: PhoneGap (http://www.phonegap.com/) is an open source project to build mobile apps via web application development techniques and deploy them as ‘native’apps to the various mobile devices.

Philippe: LoLA conference next week

Tony: Dynamic Page Include XPage control

  • Found in the Ext.lib controls…
  • Allows you to dynamically swap in / out parts of an XPage
  • Optimizes the size of the XPage component tree on the server and reduces processing
  • Uses URL hashing technique + Ajax to update the page content
  • Real enabler for in-context switching!

Paul: Locating the same document in a different view in Notes Client. Highlight a document in a view, hold down Ctrl as you switch view, will open the new view with the same document selected (as long as the document is in that view)

Stuart: WildFire (on OpenNTF) – WildFire is a Lotus Notes 8.5 Sidebar Application to Update Status’s across a wide range of Social Networks including Sametime, Connections, Socialtext, Facebook, GTalk, PingFm, Plurk, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and more. Written by Australian BP, ISW. Adam Brown was on the podcast in episode 8.

Episode 9 recorded Friday 23rd July 2010. A roundtable discussion of the latest news and topics of debate surrounding the Lotus brand.


Darren Duke and Lisa Duke.


Sean Brown – Product Manager IBM Lotus Protector security products (brown.sean@us.ibm.com |LinkedIn | Protector Mail Security | Protector Mail Encryption)
Richard Moy – Taishan Works and MWLUG organizer (Twitter | Blog | Company | LinkedIn)

This podcast is 57MB and runs for 63 minutes at 128kps. Enjoy!

* Please note that all views expressed are the participants’ own and do not necessarily represent those of their employer(s).


Lotus Protector


  • August 19th and 20th 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Web site and registration
  • Free to attend (although all attendees are asked to donate $35)
  • A few spaces left

IamLUG Reminder

  • August 2nd and 3rd
  • Web site
  • A few spaces maybe left
  • Free to attend

XPages goodness

  • XPages Mobile Controls – IBM are working on BlackBerry issues with their browser on OpenNTF
  • The Taking Notes podcast has in-depth coverage of XMC in their new episode
  • Declan extending the Blogosphere template to XPages

8.5.2 “impending”release

  • Paul Mooney’s 8.5.2 supported page on his blog
  • Paul Hannan new in 8.5.2 XPages on the XPages blog
  • Listen to the podcast to get a possible date “range” on the 8.5.2 release


Sean : When flying out of ATL, the South Security checkpoint has fewer scanners, but is harder to find and so the lines are much shorter

Richard : be careful when merging on route 35

Lisa : Great resource – leveraging the Tips in Two videos on the IBM Domino Wiki site

Darren : free reference cards for Lotus Notes clients and iNotes on the IBM Domino Wiki site