Episode 22, recorded Friday 15th October 2010, discussing the forthcoming Lotus Symphony 3 release, David Leedy’s Notesin9 screencast, Lotusphere 2011 abstracts and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


David Pearson (twitter | email) is a senior architect in the IBM Software Services for Lotus Centre of Excellence, and is also IBM’s worldwide services leader for Symphony. He has been at Lotus / IBM for 14 years.

Eric Otchet (email) is currently the Product Manager for Lotus Symphony.  He has been with IBM for over 22 years and has held both technical and sales positions during that time.

Corey Davis (twitter | company) is the owner of Conxsys, author of two IBM Redbooks, and is on the OpenNTF steering committee.

David Leedy (screencast) is a corporate Notes developer and producer of the NotesIn9 ScreenCast.


Symphony 3 launch

  • What is IBM Lotus Symphony ?
  • How did Symphony come about?
  • What is IBM’s strategy ?
  • Can you describe the Symphony roadmap ?
  • What is the relationship with the OpenOffice community ? What does IBM do with OpenOffice Code ?
  • Will split in OO movement help or hinder (LibreOffice)? Does IBM feed back into OO code?
  • What are the key differences between OpenOffice and Symphony ? Is there round-trip compatibility?
  • How Does Symphony link into the rest of the Lotus portfolio ?
  • When will Symphony v3 be available ?
  • What are the key new things in Symphony v3 to get excited about ?
  • Once Symphony 3 ships, can we integrate it into (and over) the current Lotus Notes Symphony install?
  • What is Project Concord and how does that integrate with Symphony ?
  • Any plans to extend Symphony to include Draw and give us a real Visio replacement?  Or a database?
  • When will be able to save as docx, xlsx and pptx?
  • Quickr connectors? Coming? Dates?
  • Get more information from symphony.lotus.com

Notes In 9Extended Edition 

  • Where did the idea for this come from for the extended format?
  • What exactly will a “classic”Notes developer learn?
  • What’s next for Ni9?
  • Announcing new Website

Lotusphere 2011 

  • Abstracts due in last Friday!
  • Daily OGS Monday-Wednesday
  • New tracks:
    • NEW! Track Four: Business Solutions
    • NEW! Track Five: Customer Case Studies

LotusphereBlog rides again! 

LTAP 2010 

  • The conference will take place October 27th and 28th.  There will be an opening session followed by breakout sessions organized by track–Developer, Administrator, and Management.   Each presentation will last approximately 30 minutes followed by up to 15 minutes of Q&A.  Sessions will start at the top of each hour, 10 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, etc.
  • Free registration
  • Virtual format
  • What do we think of the idea? Something that could take on?

Windows Phone 7 launch 

  • Seems to be being marketed as the phone that lets you get on with your life – get in, get out, get on… Is this a cohesive idea for a smartphone? Do we spend too much time on our BBs, iPhones, Androids?
  • Is it too late for M$ to recover their mobile market share?


Darren:Give Symphony 3 a try. I use it as my primary office suite on my new Lenovo T510 running Windows 7. Stay away from Symphony 1 though. Remember if you are a current Lotus Notes support licensee you have full support too. Do you have that with MS Office? And it is FREE, FREE, FREE
Eric:Make sure to check out Lotus Symphony Website late next week for some important news
Corey:Domino Designer 8.5.1 Crash Course for Admins
DavidP:Take a look at the content we have in the Symphony wiki – and also try out the mobile interface. If anyone requires help to evaluate or deploy Symphony see IP.com.
DavidL:If you want to start learning XPages, there’s one site that you need to know about – XPagesWiki.com
Stuart:Don’t be frightened of partitioned servers – in fact use them liberally (assuming your licence supports them).  Simply install multiple partitions on install, use as many of them as you need. Add IP aliases to your network cards, and then configure IP address per partition in notes.ini.  Oh and never use hostname = service name!