Episode 62, discussing Notes/Domino 8.5.3, relevance of the products to the Social Business message, the effect of seniority on social engagement and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Ed BrillEd Brill (blog | twitter) is Director, Product Management, IBM Lotus software.  Ed’s focus is on growing and continuing IBM’s success in messaging and collaboration software, through working with customers, business partners, and IBM sales, marketing, and product development organizations.  Ed’s responsibilities in this role have included the market launches of Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 and 8.5.1, the introduction of Alloy, the release of Lotus Symphony 1.3, and plans/development for LotusLive Notes, an IBM cloud offering for messaging and collaboration. A frequent speaker at IBM and industry events worldwide, Ed is well known for direct contributions to the many Lotus software-focused social media and virtual communities.
Louis RichardsonLouis Richardson (blog | twitter) serves as a worldwide social business evangelist for IBM. As such, he gets to talk to executives and business managers around the world, about how they are using…or thinking of using social software in their organizations.


Notes/Domino 8.5.3

  • What are the major new features?
  • With the release of the XPages RDBMS extension library we’ve made a huge jump forward. Currently it is on 8.5.3 CD5 users which means Design Partners only
    • When is the public beta of 8.5.3 starting so non-DP’s can get their hands on this tasty goodness?
  • When is it coming?
  • When will it be available as LotusLive Notes?
  • Can you talk at all about Notes/Domino Next, timescales, aims etc?
  • Will this be a key deliverable in terms of the realisation of Project Vulcan?
  • When you’re talking to customers about SocBiz, how much does Notes/Domino come into the conversation?

Social Business

  • The campaign/brand
    • What has the response been from customers to the Social Business message?
    • How about ‘traditional’Notes/Domino customers?
    • We are used to Microsoft being the main competition in the Messaging/Collaboration space – is this still the case around Social Business?
    • Which products are involved?
  • What is the key element for a company to understand if they want to become a social business?
  • Is Blogging still relevant?


  • Pleased with progress in the opensource support for these technologies?

IBM donates Lotus Symphony code to Apache

  • What does this mean for Symphony going forward?
  • Is Symphony still getting development effort from IBM?


Milebug – THE best mileage tracker for the iPhone (and also Android and Nokia now). For $2.99 a real bargain. There is a lite version too (limits the number of trips you can store, but allows you to see if it fits your needs)

Plantronics Savi Office –  I’ve switched over to this as my UC/UT environment in my home office and it’s just a dream along with Sametime 8.5.2

When you’re considering how your company is going to implement and leverage social in your business, be sure to (1) keep the focus on the people and (2) make sure it integrates into your business. It’s not about making social your business..it’s about making your business social.

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