Episode 80, recorded on Thursday 1st December 2011. Darren and Stuart interview renowned strategist Michael Sampson about his role, his new book Collaboration Roadmap, Connect 2012 and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Michael SampsonMichael Sampson (twitter | blog | books) is a Collaboration Strategist, whose passion is helping organizations to make collaboration work, when their employees have to work together effectively and efficiently while separated by distance and time.  Michael advises end-user organizations in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and the United States on making collaboration work.


‘Collaboration Strategist’

  • What does a collaboration strategist actually do?
  • What does governance actually mean?
  • How do you become one?
  • Why should companies employ you?

Collaboration Roadmap coverCollaboration Roadmap

  • Why a collaboration roadmap?
  • What does it cover?
  • Does the cloud change things?
  • Should IT be allowed to own the collaboration strategy/roadmap?
  • Who should read the book? Is it aimed at IT folks, or should it be head of comms, LoB, execs etc?
  • Foreword by Ed Brill – how did that come about?
  • How does this book fit with User Adoption Strategies?
    • Why does user adoption need a strategy?
    • Do organisations still think ‘build it and it will come’?
  • Does the book apply to home developed apps (say Domino/XPages) as well as packaged ones?
  • Any notable quotes from industry experts? 🙂
  • Draw for a free copy of the book (details to follow)

Connect 2012


If you’re going to upgrade firmware on a new SSD, you’ll need another machine to do it on.
All it takes is to be smart enough to figure out what to do, and also to be dumb enough to get up every day to do it.’ In 2012, be dumber!

Get your execs and managers to Connect 2012 – promises to be a cracking event. Still time to register for Social Connections II as well.
Know that Michael journals every day, recommend Day One – app for Mac and iOS.