Episode 10, recorded yesterday Friday 30th July 2010. A round-table discussion of the latest news and topics of debate surrounding the Lotus brand, with a particular focus on IBM WebSphere Portal and Project Northstar  this week.


Darren Duke (blog | twitter) and Lisa Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Brian Chaput – Offering Manager, IBM WebSphere Portal – Brian is an Offering Manager for IBM WebSphere Portal with over 20 years of technical product marketing and management experience.  Prior to joining IBM, Brian was employed at Bowstreet – which was acquired by IBM in 2005 (for its Portlet Factory software).  While at Bowstreet, Brian held positions in product marketing, sales operations and lastly as the IBM Alliance Director.   Brian has previous experience marketing workforce management and call center management solutions (WebSphere Portal Blog).

This podcast is 58MB and runs for 63 minutes at 128kps. Enjoy!

* Please note that all views expressed are the participants’ own and do not necessarily represent those of their employer(s).


WebSphere Portal V7, release date announced on podcast

Competitive stuff coming in August

Fixed in 8.0.2 FP6
Fixed in 8.5.1 FP4
Other versions available on Fix Central
This is what it must be like to be a Microsoft customer


Brian: Google “wps/portal” and get a feeling for who is using portal for public facing websites. Here are the Google search results. Interesting! ALSO Webinar Replay: Managing for Growth – Sell More, Save Money, and Improve the Customer Experience:  webcast replay with Slumberland Furniture — a privately held furniture retailer with $350M in annual sales and 120 retail locations — to learn how they built a solution that increased sales and improved interactions with their customers. Webcast replay available at https://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/iwm/web/signup.do?source=swg-Manage_for_Growth_Webcast 

Lisa: STS webinar – What’s New in 8.5.1 and Coming in 8.5.2 with Ernie Sutter, 8/5 at 4:00 EST email ernie.sutter@simplified-tech.com to register

Darren: If you are thinking of producing a podcast, seriously consider NOT doing it on a PC.