Episode 65, recorded on 18th August 2011, discussing quality at IBM, Lotus Protector 2.8, OpenNTF, IBM’s support for older releases and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Flemming ChristiensenFlemming Christensen (blog | twitter | company | linkedin) is the chief quality architect for IBM Collaboration Solutions responsible for the process by which new releases commit to quality improvements and measure attainment.
Bruce ElgortBruce Elgort (blog | twitter | company ) is the Chairman of OpenNTF, Inc., an IBM Champion and also Adviser at Elguji Software, LLC.
Niklas HeidloffNiklas Heidloff (blog | twitter | OpenNTF blog) is is an architect in the IBM Lotus Domino development team and leads IBM’s engagement in OpenNTF including XPages.info.
Sean BrownSean Brown  (blog | twitter | company | linkedin) is the Product Manager for IBM Lotus Protector, and responsible for all collaboration security solutions including Lotus Protector for Mail Security and Mail Encryption


Quality at IBM 

  • What is quality?
  • How do you manage that (i.e. quality as just discussed)?
  • How do IBM avoid regression bugs, particularly in very large mature products?
  • How do you measure for LotusLive? Is that any different than what you do for on-premises software?
  • How do you strike the balance between quality and timeliness?
  • IBM releases to OpenNTF – mobile toolkit, extension library etc. Are they under same Quality controls?
  • How do you measure whether you’re getting better?

New release of Lotus Protector 

  • What is Lotus Protector and what does Collaboration Security mean?
  • Lotus Protector for Mail Security 2.8
    • Protecting your organization with new Data Loss Prevention for files and emails
    • Support for IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr (for Websphere Portal)
    • New licensing models to better match to customer needs
    • What to expect next
    • When will we get “sidecar”for Domino and QuickrD?
  • Branding still Lotus?


  • Now a Not for Profit organisation
    • What’s the rationale?
    • What will it mean?
    • Why should organisationss become OpenNTF members?
  • Can we hear about some highlights from past few months of contributions?
    • Contest
      • http://contest.openntf.org and http://xpages.info/contest
      • 46 submissions with >50 controls (one more day to submit)
      • 13 first time contributors
      • Some contest controls (not prioritized): JavaCharts, View Picklist, Involve, Multi Database Search, Recaptcha, ZK Spreadsheet, Calendar plan, Asynch Files Upload, Select Database, Poll, Search and TagCloud, MySQL
      • Next week judging, shortly after this announcement of winners
      • Next: import in Designer, out of the box controls
    • Statistics
      • 17k downloads last month (compared to ~8k when IBM got engaged end of 2008)
      • 300k page visits per month
      • 50 new releases (41 non IBM, 9 IBM) in June
      • > 100 approved OpenNTF contributors plus CCLAs from IBM and Group
    • IBM contributions
      • Latest: REST APIs, JDBC, servlet sample
      • Soon: Mobile, social, surprise
      • New model/taking back code in product
    • XPages.info

IBM Policy of Supporting N-2 

  • Why the change?
  • What does it mean for customers?
  • Won’t this hinder motivation to upgrade?
  • What will the cost be to maintain these additional versions?

Domino Danderers Dander for Dosh 2011

  • Eileen & Steve walking 26 miles for Dadaab refugee camp. Please donate!


CDBurnerXP –  use it to burn ISOs and files to CD, DVD, BRD and HD-DVD(!). Also works on x64 Win7 and 2008. Oh, and completely free and completely free of adware and other nasties.

IBM Electronic Support has its own Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/IBMElectronicSupport and Lotus Support has a new Facebook page: ‘Like’us at http://www.facebook.com/#!/IBMLotusSupport and follow us on Twitter with ID @Lotus_Support 🙂
XPages101 – XPages Video series with over 50+ video tutorials

XPages.info/contest to see descriptions, screenshots and videos of all controls of the contest.

Drag/Drop emails to your desktop with Notes.  If you need to send an email in it’s original format (non-forwarded) you can drag the message right from your Notes inbox to your desktop and then attach it to a new email.

Lotusphere 2011 videos posted to YouTube

Thanks for listening!  Buy a Sonos – This Week in Lotus will sound even better!!!

Episode 19, recorded Friday 24th September 2010, discussing the XPages Extension Library, OpenNTF.org and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company)  & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Niklas Heidloff (blog | twitter) is a developer in the IBM Lotus Domino team and leads IBM’s engagement in OpenNTF.

Phiippe Riand (linkedin) is in charge of new technologies within the Lotus Domino offering. He’s the architect for XPages, a brand new Java based technology provided in the Domino server. It helps reinvigorate Domino Web apps by providing a real Web 2.0 development environment, using the latest technologies.

Tony McGuckin (linkedin)  is a software engineer for IBM, based in Dublin, Ireland. He is one of the authors of the forthcoming “Mastering XPages” book.

Paul Withers (blog | twitter | company) leads the Domino Development Team at Intec Systems Ltd, an IBM Business Partner in UK, and fledgling contributor to OpenNTF.


Addition of the XPages Extension Library to OpenNTF (XPagesBlog, SlideShare, OpenNTF Blog

  • What is it?
  • Who wrote it? Why?
  • Why has it been added to OpenNTF rather than to the product?
  • What version of Notes/Domino is required?
  • Is it for developing for the Web, the client or both?
  • Is there any training available? Videos – modal dialog, value picker – 9 videos planned. 70 page document (work in progress)
  • Is IBM offering any support for the library?
  • Can developers extend/edit the library?
  • (From Matt White) How can we include the Extension Library into our templates so that we can distribute NTFs without requiring server change?
  • What if users want new features?
  • What does this mean for XPages as a development environment?
  • What is planned for the future?

Other XPages news 


  • What’s the current status? (number of contributions, licensing, downloads etc.)
  • What’s happening in the future?

IBM’s win at Singapore Airlines – Ed Brill’s post 

  • Upgrade of Notes/Domino to 8.5 – press release
  • Plus Connections, Quickr and more

IBM could be bigger than Facebook – Luis Benitez post 

  • Fast Company article ‘Fathoming a new product from IBM via a launch event is like trying to understand the ocean by watching a wave. Nonetheless that was my task, swimming through the presentations and ultimately landing an interview with Jeffrey Schick, IBM’s VP of Social Software. Drenched in the vision Schick shared for the IBM Customer Experience Suite, it occurred to me that IBM could end up being more important to the business use and monetization of social media than Facebook.’
  • What does the article mean? Is IBM cool now? 😉

Collaboration University 

  • London event was run Tuesday-Thursday
  • Great success
  • Louis Richardson gave keynote
  • Good attendance and fine presentations
  • Chicago event next week

Lotusphere Registration has opened 

  • Early bird offers
  • Only Dolphin and Swan offered as hotels – why?
  • When will abstracts open?
  • Lotusphere Blog is back


Darren: Domino 8.5.2 supports Windows 2008 R2 – see the 8.5.2 system requirements doc – and what happened to “tech notes”?

Niklas: PhoneGap (http://www.phonegap.com/) is an open source project to build mobile apps via web application development techniques and deploy them as ‘native’apps to the various mobile devices.

Philippe: LoLA conference next week

Tony: Dynamic Page Include XPage control

  • Found in the Ext.lib controls…
  • Allows you to dynamically swap in / out parts of an XPage
  • Optimizes the size of the XPage component tree on the server and reduces processing
  • Uses URL hashing technique + Ajax to update the page content
  • Real enabler for in-context switching!

Paul: Locating the same document in a different view in Notes Client. Highlight a document in a view, hold down Ctrl as you switch view, will open the new view with the same document selected (as long as the document is in that view)

Stuart: WildFire (on OpenNTF) – WildFire is a Lotus Notes 8.5 Sidebar Application to Update Status’s across a wide range of Social Networks including Sametime, Connections, Socialtext, Facebook, GTalk, PingFm, Plurk, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and more. Written by Australian BP, ISW. Adam Brown was on the podcast in episode 8.