Episode 93 recorded on Thursday 15th March 2012.  Sharon Bellamy and Femke Goedhart join Darren and Stuart to discuss the upcoming user groups in Belgium and the Netherlands, how to recover from Connections database failure and why Yammer’s business model is so persuasive.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Femke Goedhart (twitter | blog | company) is a Business Consultant at Silverside, The Netherlands. She specialises in Collaboration, Social Business, Document Management and Workflow solutions.
IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions and enthusiast on all things Social.

Sharon Bellamy

Sharon Bellamy (blog | twitter | company) is a Business Consultant at Applicable, working with IBM Connections implementations and anything WebSphere or Lotus related IBM Champion, iSeries fan girl and friend of Mat Newman.


BLUG 2012

  • March 22-23, Antwerp
  • Fantastic lineup
  • Listen to TWiL 91 for all the details
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • Social Panel

Social Business Event NL / NLLUG 201

  • http://socbiz.nl/
  • May 15 & 16, Feyenoord stadium Rotterdam
  • 4 tracks: Admin/Development/Best Practises/Business  both Dutch as well as international speakers
  • Double conference: Social Business aimed both at new and existing customers – NLLUG aimed at existing user group
  • focus in business tracks on Line of Business: HR, Marketing, Communications and Management.

Lotusphere 2013 site already up, and looking good!

Connections issues dealt with this week:

  • Recovering Connections from database failure
    • Learnt a lot this week
    • Lose your recovery logs and next time your system restarts, the DB2 DB will not come back up
    • Crash Recovery fails
    • DB2 goes down when Connections connects
    • Speak to IBM support fast!
  • Media Widget timeout
  • Connections custom theme issue

Silverside become a Kudos partner

Yammer – 500.000 users in NL makes it second biggest market for Yammer after US.

Product Wiki design

  • UXLab are looking for help on this – they need volunteers
  • If you want to improve the product wikis please volunteer – lotusdoc@us.ibm.com



  • www.yoono.com great social stream tool to have as a desktop app but for me most particular to have in the sidebar of my browser (Firefox/Chrome). Handles FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Talk, MySpace, etc, etc. Even allows you to check in with 4square and do multi updates to all of those in one go if you want.



  • Time has come for all laptops/desktops to have mirrored disks, sick of recovering dead/corrupted drives.  DiskWarrior is worth its weight in gold 😉  Also AppleJack – install on every Mac *before* you have a problem.

This is a new version of episode 17, republished with improved audio (higher speaker volume, lower noise).

Episode 17a, recorded Friday 10th September 2010 live at NLLUG in Amsterdam, discussing user groups, Connections 3.0, Notes 8.5.2, Lotusphere personas and much more.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company)

[Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company) was left on the bench this week]


Mary Beth Raven (blog | twitter)
Suzanne Livingston
(blog | twitter | site)
Chris Miller
(blog | twitter | company)
Paul Mooney
(blog | twitter | company)
Bill Buchan
(blog | twitter | company)



  • What’s been happening here?
  • How does it compare to some of the other LUGs
  • What have been the highlights so far?
  • Bill and Paul riding over, an adventure?

Other recent events 


  • Coming up soon
  • What’s planned? Where, when?
  • Is Belfast a good city to visit?
  • Are there still spaces?
  • If registered folks can’t make it, what should they do?

Connections 3.0 

  • Coming in 4Q10
  • What are the big new features?
  • Now in the Greenhouse (and on TAP), what should listeners do to try it out?
  • Social SW space is getting ever more competitive – Cisco etc. What is IBM doing to keep Connections and Quickr ahead?
  • Is enterprise social software catching up with the consumer social space, or will there always be a lag between consumer adoption and enterprise adoption?

Notes 8.5.2 SMTP bug

  • Has it now been fixed?
  • Use the fixed version or wait for the first fix pack?

Lotusphere 2011


Stuart: It is now relatively easy to theme all pages in Lotus Quickr for Domino.  Watch out for blog post this week on The Quickr Blog.

Mary Beth: Drag and drop of emails to the desktop in Lotus Notes 8.5.2 – see her blog post.

Suzanne: Try the new Lotus Connections 3.0 instance on the Greenhouse

Chris: See Mary Beth present at Consultant In Your Pocket

Paul: Don’t share a room with Bill Buchan! Use Internet Password lockout in Lotus Domino.

Bill: For admins, use Websphere/IIS plugin to allow AD authentication to Domino websites, see Warren’s post for more details (SM: I also posted on this a while back). For developers, use agent profiling (SM: As an admin, at this point I just heard ‘blah blah blah’, but Bill tells me these links will help!) Normund’s Ls2capi.com site. The ls2capi database download. The View ‘out of office’ API article.