Episode 61, recorded on Thursday 21st July 2011, discussing MWLUG, NotesF1 To Do, the Lotus business in New Zealand and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Richard MoyRichard Moy ( blog | twitter | company) has been working with Notes and Domino since Notes 3. Richard co-founded with Gregg Eldred the MWLUG conferences. He has started or co-founded three different companies after working as a consultant in a large firm including Taishan Works and ReCor. Richard promotes the use of Notes and Domino and other IBM Lotus products in small and medium businesses and calls himself unofficially the “Notes and Domino Evangelist for Small Businesses”. Richard focuses on working with organizations on defining their business needs and processes to deliver solutions that works within their business environment.
Bernie LeungBernie Leung ( blog | twitter | company) is a visionary and an advocate of social media and social collaboration. His company wrote its first social networking software – MyLifeCircle.com in 2003, about 6 months before Facebook got started. While we all know that Lotus is a great platform for intra-company communication, social collaboration has really expanded our need to go outside of our comfort zone. Our business users are demanding social collaboration and social marketing, can we keep up? Here comes LotusLive – a great platform to consider if you are looking at social collaboration beyond the corporate boundaries.  Bernie is also certified in Websphere eCommerce and in Tivoli Security. He was heavily involved with the Lotus Foundations platform as well.
Vaughan RivettVaughan Rivett (blog | twitter | IBM ) has been an active advocate of all things Lotus for about 15 years.  His work has seen him travel internationally to enable people to collaborate effectively.  The majority of his time has been spend running businesses where he has lead and inspired teams in collaboration enablement.  In recent times, he was the GM of Certus Solutions’Enterprise Collaboration Services division where he headed a team of experienced Lotus Domino/Notes developers.  Recently, joining IBM, Vaughan applies his passion and energy to a competitive market.
 Magnus TothMagnus Toth (company) Magnus started his career in 1995 in a Swedish IT consulting company where he worked as a Lotus Notes consultant. Over the years, he have had time for basically everything regarding Lotus Notes. Development, architecture, infrastructure and advanced system configurations have all been part of his daily work over the years.  In 2004 Magnus was one of the founders of the IT company Cikado. Cikado is a Swedish company which provides advanced consultant services and develops products for IBM/Lotus Notes and Domino. These days he mostly works as a project manager in large Notes / Domino installations and he is also Product Manager for Cikado’s app NotesF1 To Do which provides syncing capabilities of Notes To Do’s for iOS devices (an Android version is under development).



  • What is MWLUG, and how did it come about?
  • How much does it cost to attend?
  • Where? It moves around, right?
  • How do we register? What’s the website?
  • Who is delivering keynote? (It’s a secret!)
  • What is the focus of MWLUG? Which products?
  • What is the MWLUG Community Outreach Program?
  • Reminder deadline for MWLUG XPrize Design Competition – August 8th
  • When is it? 24-25 August, 2011
  • Why come to MWLUG?
  • What makes MWLUG conference different than other LUG conferences?
  • AUSLUG and IAMLug both coming soon too

NotesF1 To do

  • First app to sync To-dos with iOS
  • How much? $3 for full version for iPhone/iPod, $4 for iPad
  • How does it work?
  • Any plans for Journal/Notebook? – hint, I really, really want this DD 🙂
  • Any plans for Android version? Yep!
  • Available from Magnus’ site.
  • What other apps do Cikado have?
  • Will you be supporting iOS Enterprise licensing?
  • It will be easier to right a Journal as he will have a to do list

State of IBM market in New Zealand

  • How is it?
  • What is it like being at IBM after years at a partner?
  • What made you join up?
  • What are your goals for 2011?

Other News: 


Marketing to geeks? Follow Toshiba’s lead and use very amusing Zombie “movielets”. As seen on US TV. It is a Youtube link.

Whether you are using XPages or not, learn Dojo

Looking to upgrade your email system, don’t!  Upgrade to Collaboration 2.0 instead.

Download the trial version of NotesF1 To Do

You can invite external users to LotusLive community and activities for free. They don’t need a paid account to collaborate with you.

JotNotPro for iOS and for Android