Episode 88 recorded on Thursday 9th February 2012. Jason Dumont joins Darren and Stuart to discuss the roadmap for the Lotus clients – Notes, iNotes and Connections Mail – through 2012 including the exciting Social Edition release. He also fills us in on the details around ‘that plugin’ – the ability to render Notes applications in a browser as if in your Notes client.  


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Jason Dumont

Jason Dumont (twitter | linkedin) is currently the Program Director for Messaging & Collaboration Client Strategy at IBM. His responsibilities include strategy development and product planning for all of IBM’s messaging and collaboration clients within the Lotus brand, including our on premise and cloud based delivery options. He also leads a new strategic effort focused on the delivery of a more social messaging experience, which will first be represented as IBM Connections Mail. His team is located in the United States with an extended team around the globe.


Lotusphere announcements

  • Lotus Notes and Domino Social Edition
    • What is Notes/Domino Social Edition?
    • Is this the ‘Notes Foo’that has been discussed over the last year?
    • Why ‘Social Edition’?
    • When will it ship?
    • Is this the equivalent of Notes Next?
    • Lets break it down:
      • What will Domino Social Edition offer in terms of iNotes functionality?
      • How about Notes Social Edition?
  • What Social features will be available in the new release?
  • IBM Connections Mail (aka social mail)
    • This has been explained as ‘triage mail and calendar’, can you explain the use case?
      • ‘Picture in picture ’analogy
    • When will it be delivered? Need Connections Next and Domino 8.5.3+ or Exchange 2007 & 2010
    • Works with Domino and Exchange mail? 
    • Will it support cloud-based mail?
  • The Plug-in
    • What does it do?
    • What are the use cases you foresee?
    • What are the requirements? Which browsers (IE, FF both on Windows), which Domino release?
    • How big is the plugin?  Will it get cached?

‘State of the Union’

  • Are you excited about 2012?



  • Workflow for XPages : OpenNTF project released by Phillipe Riand, Qian Liang and Niklas Heidloff. Fills a missing gap that has always existed in Domino.
  • Also in an XPages vein, the 3rd and latest XPages Development Contest is open. More prizes this time, again from the kind folks at We4IT!