Episode 87 recorded on Thursday 2nd February 2012. We review Lotusphere 2012, discuss some of the major announcements, reveal the details of a new jobs site just for social media and collaboration roles. 

Oh yes, we had a few technical issues too – make sure you listen through to the bloopers at the end!


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Luis Benitez

Luis Benitez (blog | twitter) is is one of the Social Software Product Managers for IBM covering IBM Connections Files & Wikis, Connections on the Cloud and Quickr Domino.

Victor Toal

Victor Toal (Twitter, Blog Notesbusters, Websites ToalSystems & SSMCJOBS) is Chief Solutions Architect for ToalSystems, specializes in Social, Collaborative and Messaging solutions


Lotusphere 2012:

  • Looking back in the rear view mirror, what did we think?
  • Highlights?


  • Quickr Domino
    • Minor release in Q1
    • Bigger release in 2H12
    • 18 month release cycle
  • Connections Next
    • Mobile
    • Connectors
    • New Standard Support (OpenSocial, OAuth, ActivityStrea.ms)

New jobs site for IT folks in collaboration, messaging and social space SSMCJOBS.COM

  • IT Job website dedicated to Social software/Social media, Messaging and Collaboration
  • Free for Job seekers
  • Ability to search not only for jobs posted on the site but also pull in jobs from multiple other websites – one stop shopping for job seekers and contractors looking for their next opportunity

LCTY Get Social Do Business Roadshow Business Gets Social Dates Announced

  • Small list right now….early days
  • Yet another name change. Let the confusion reign!


Traveler tap to dial codes for Android. “P”or a comma will cause a pause. “#”enter a conference code. Semi-colon or “x”to prompt user before sending codes.

– and IBM Connections Users community , SXSW ideas

Tool “Beyond Compare”http://www.scootersoftware.com and a tip: Learn WebSphere to stay relevant

Don’t delete your Dropbox folder on secondary machines, it doesn’t work out well!
– Instagram for the Mac