Episode 35, recorded Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st January 2011, discussing Sandy’s new Sales and Evangelism VP roles, plans for 2011, her involvement in Lotusphere and more.  We then move onto a discussion about IBM’s 4Q10 figures, Lotusphere events, the return of the XCast and more


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Sandy Carter (blog | twitter) is Vice President, Social Business and Collaboration Solutions Sales and Evangelism, where she is responsible for setting the direction for IBM’s Social Business initiative, working with companies who are becoming Social Businesses, and being the evangelist for the concept and best practices around Social Business.

Kathy Mandelstein (twitter) is currently oversees worldwide marketing programs, web and events in IBM Software Group for the Lotus portfolio of collaboration tools designed to empower people to be more effective, responsive and innovative within the context of the work they do. It includes email, calendar, instant messaging, electronic forms, web conferencing, portals, team spaces, business dashboards, document management, and enterprise social software. Previously Kathy led the IBM Rational marketing team focused on the business value of effective software delivery.

Paul Withers (blog | twitter | company) leads the Domino Development Team at Intec Systems Ltd, an IBM Business Partner in UK. Co-presenting session at Lotusphere XPages: Enter The Dojo, Tuesday 3:30pm.


A two-part episode, first a 20-minute interview with Sandy Carter.  We covered:

New role at IBM – VP IBM Social Business and Social Solutions Sales and Evangelism

  • ‘IBM Social Business and Social Solutions’?  Can you describe what this includes?   
  • Sales and Evangelism?  Wow thats a tough combination…
    • Unusual to see a VP focused on Evangelism?  Will you continue to blog and tweet in the new role?
    • Lotus has seen a good long run of quarterly growth, then a few quarters that have been tough in a generally low market.  How do you see 2011 going? (will not ask you directly about Q4 figures, if you want to mention them then great…)
    • Will we see the yellow boxing gloves return? 😉 (i.e. will you look to take the fight to the competition)
  • Previously (before your role with partners) you were VP  Websphere.  What differences have you found coming across to Lotus?
  • Have you been surprised by the ‘community’aspect of Lotus, or are there similar communities around the other IBM brands?

Lotusphere 2011

  • What are your expectations for Lotusphere 2011?
  • Are you speaking at the OGS or other sessions?
  • Looking forward, If you had a message for the Lotus community as we get into 2011, what would it be?

We then spoke to Kathy and Paul, covering:

IBM/Lotus Q4 results

Lotusphere 2011

TWiL Live at Lotusphere

  • Wednesday 5:45-6:45 in Swan Pelican
  • Guests – Kathy Mandelstein, Mary Beth Raven, Bruce Elgort, Paul Mooney, Alan Lepofsky

RAID Explained via water coolers

The XCast relaunches

  • First new episode up, talking about Lotusphere (what else!) sessions etc.
  • Hosted by David Leedy, Tim Clark and Paul Withers
  • David’s XPages Cheatsheet updated – will be available at Lotusphere
  • XPages book

Lotus UX Team issued 26 patents in 2010

  • You either like patents or you hate them. IBM *loves* them….
  • Hopefully we’ll see some improved UI in Lotus products
  • Visit UX Lab at LS11(Dolphin Asia 4)

Symphony Fix Pack 1 released

  • Unrelated – Quickr Connector for Symphony 3 released
  • Supports QuickrD 8.5, QuickrJ 8.5 and ECM 1.1
  • Supports Symphony 1.3, 3.0 and Notes embedded (8.5.1 and 8.5.2)
  • Win XP, Vista and 7

Connections Administration Tool Now Available

  • Much needed GUI for managing Lotus Connections environments
  • Produced by TimeToAct group

First tranch of Lotus Awards announced

  • Congratulations to winners announced thus far: Silanis, Ascendant, Ascendant, iEnterprises, Trilog Group, Fritz & Macziol, and Polycom; and to finalists Tungle, Applicable, Prolifics, Rigelsoft, Ascendant, GEDYS IntraWare, Brookstone Technologies, EdifiXio, Silanis, GROUP Business Software, iEnterprises, Plantronics, and KMSLab.



Buy the books!


Use the Lotusphere Social Aggregator!


EntwicklerCamp, 21st-23rd Feb in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Lots of great speakers, Maureen Leland doing keynote, loads of XPages sessions including two from me (XPages Blast, by kind permission of Matt White and Tim Clark, and XPages from a Difference View-point, updated and extended)


Not so much a tip, more a request.  Need a SIM card for the US that gives 3G data (no calls) at decent rates, say by buying a bundle of 2GB etc. Any suggestions?

Episode 29, recorded Thursday 2nd December 2010, discussing Enterprise 2.0, collaboration styles, evangelism, Twitter’s effect on community behaviour and more…

Please note: we have started to put times in the show notes for when we start to discuss each topic, in order to make it easier to fast-forward through the show to the topics that are of particular interest.  If you would like us to produce an enhanced podcast (AAC format) version of the show with multiple chapters to cover the individual chapters, please do let us know.

Also, we have made the decision to move to recording this show on Thursdays from this point forward, in order to allow additional time to get the podcast produced and still release on a Friday in time for the commute home (in Europe and America at least). Hope this meets with your approval!

This does mean that in this case we recorded before the first Lotusphere abstract confirmations were emailed out late on Thursday – we mentioned this on the podcast…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Luis Suarez (blog | twitter) has been working at IBM for the last 13 years, specialising in the areas of Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Community Building, Learning and Social Computing / Enterprise 2.0. He is currently working as a Social Computing Evangelist within the Software Group, under the BlueIQ team, with the joint mission of helping accelerate the adoption of social software within IBM. In my spare time, I took on the challenge of living “A World Without Email”nearly three years ago, ditching corporate email and instead relying more heavily on social software tools.

Susan Scrupski (linkedin | facebook | twitter) is founder and Executive Director of The 2.0 Adoption Council, a Dachis Group company. The 2.0 Adoption Council is a peer-based, information-sharing private community interested in the latest concepts, best practices, case studies, and helpful tips associated with executing socio-collaborative strategies and projects in the large enterprise.  Susan has been analyzing the IT Services market for 20  years, with her insights having been featured in industry research, as well as mainstream media such as The New York Times, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC. Her interests are in Enterprise 2.0 and the next generation web. Susan is on the advisory board of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, blogs for the Enterprise Irregulars, and spends most of her time supporting the council members in their efforts to evangelize social business in their own organizations.

Luis Benitez (blog | twitter ) is one of the Social Software Product Managers at IBM.  He’s been with IBM for 9 years and loves to promote the concept of accelerating innovation in the workplace by socializing.


Luis Suarez – Enterprise 2.0 Internal Evangelist of the year (03:58) 

  • Congratulations
  • What does it mean, who awarded it?
  • What was the prize?
  • What do you do inside IBM?

What is ‘Enterprise2.0’? (14:14) 

  • There are lots of terms being introduced – Enterprise2.0, Social Computing, Social Media, Social Collaboration, now IBM is pushing Social Business (seems to be the key theme for Lotusphere) – What is special about Social Business?
  • Do organisations get it?
  • Do you need the right corporate culture to allow Enterprise2.0 to thrive?
  • Do we need to do more to make the transition more obvious for ‘traditional companies’or those with ‘traditional working styles’?


  • Why do we need to evangelise about technology?
  • Were there ‘email evangelists’or ‘CRM evangelists’? Or is ‘evangelism’new to Social Computing?
  • Should we be having fun at work?
  • If someone ‘gets’Enterprise2.0 (or social computing) and wants to promote its use in organisations, how do they go about it?
  • If someone wants to promote use of other technologies (say XPages, or CRM), are the techniques broadly similar?

Twitter ‘is a severely anti-social means of communication.‘ (1:07:20) 

  • ‘It engenders terrible behavior among people who would otherwise be at least cordial, if not outright friends. It affects our message. It makes us segregated. It makes us mean. It makes us bullies.’
  • Discuss!

Lotusphere 2011 coming soon (1:20:14) 

  • What would make Lotusphere more social?
  • What can we learn from other conferences?

Domino Collaboration Express to allow clustering from Ed Brill (1:23:05) 

Tips (1:24:16)

DarrenNeed to back up a ESX or ESXi VM? Trilead is a good way to do one time backups for free, or a very well priced option for scheduled backups for only 690 USD, 520 EUR or 450 GBP .
Luis SFollowing further previous tip on #elsuapps, folks need to check out SoundNote (Amazing iPad App for less than 5$!)
SusaniPhone TripIt app
LuisBAndroid (CMIS) client for LC 3.0
StuartBook for Lotusphere today! Even if you hope to get a session…
Also, great presentation on Slideshare A to Z – The 26 Most Essential Websites For Entrepreneurs