Episode 115, recorded on Tuesday 30th August 2016.  We discuss the MWLUG 2016 conference, the future of IBM Domino and xPages development, what Project Toscana means for all of us, and the IDC announcement that IBM leads the Social Business marketplace for the 7th consecutive year. Oh and on our final TWiL ever, we share an exciting announcement – WTF?


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Jesse GallagherJesse Gallagher (blog | twitter) is CTO at I Know Some Guys and a second-generation Domino developer. He is on the board at OpenNTF and blogs semi-regularly at frostillic.us.


We’re Back!

  • Just a one off, as we were all at MWLUG
  • TWiL archives coming back online on a brand new site… Relive the glory days at thisweekinlotus.com! Up to episode 74 now, remainder to come very soon

Introducing Jesse (0:02:17)

MWLUG (0:05:15)

Future of IBM Notes & Domino? (0:30:39)

App Dev and app modernisation (0:40:14)

More clarity on Project Toscana (0:52:48)

IBM partnering with key competitive collaboration SaaS vendors (1:06:43)

What else?



Darren: Universal Remote for iPhone and Android….will be some good once it works

Jesse: Eclipse Mylyn plugins for GitHub and Bitbucket

Stuart: Yet another headset! Plantronics Voyager Focus headset Great for desk and mobile use, pairs with USB, dongle and at least two bluetooth devices. I use with iPhone, iPad Pro and iMac. 10 hour battery life and very light.  Also, TWiL archives are (mostly) back…

An Announcement

Listen to the show!

UPDATE: the new podcast is ‘WTF Tech’ and is available to stream or download at WTFTech.fm. Listen now!

Episode 64, recorded on 11th August 2011, discussing AusLUG, the future of Notes & Domino, the new Connections native apps and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Mat NewmanMat Newman (blog | twitter | company) is the Director of Education for ISW (an IBM Premier business partner in Australia, and this years winner of the IBM South-East Asia Business Partner of the Year award), Mat is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions, owner of the coolest yellow suit around and friends with Lisa Duke and Sharon Bellamy!
Karen HooperKaren Hooper (company | twitter | linkedin) is an Advanced IBM Certified Instructor in both System Administration and Development. Karen and her husband Steve own and manage Dr Notes Solutions, a Premier IBM Business Partner in Australia. Karen is the author of the IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide (available on Amazon). Her passion is to empower people so that they increase their productivity and use the tools available to them.
Richard SmithRichard Smith (company | linkedin | twitter) is a skilled and passionate IT professional, able to communicate both at technical and business levels.His awareness of business systems, processes and workflows orginated from a business background, before making the jump to more technical systems development roles on IBM’s Lotus Notes and Domino platform. His grounding allowed him to quickly apply Notes and Domino technology to real business problems. He’s been architecting systems for this platform since 1996 (version 3). Richard’s overriding aim for the solutions he has architected, is to provide a defined return on investment and demonstrable wins for users of his systems.Richard is a PCLP Administrator and is the Technical Director and Owner of Basic Business Systems Ltd a IBM Lotus Business Partner in the UK..



  • Why:
    • Why did you feel AusLug was needed?
  • The process:
    • Is it immense amounts of work?
    • How are you coordinating activities?
  • The details:
    • When? Sydney
    • Where? 29/30th August
    • Are there any other events taking place that week? TackOn by Chris Miller on Sametime on Wednesday, The View Bootcamp Weds-Fri.
    • Who’s speaking? 5 IBM Champions. Paul Calhoun, Chris Miller, Mikkel Heisterberg, Mat Newman, Adam Brown, Ed Brill presenting the keynote.
    • How is attendance looking?
  • How will it compare to other LUGs?
  • The social stuff:
    • What extra-curricular activities will be taking place?
    • Will the yellow suit make another outing?
    • How can people that can’t attend in person take part?
  • What’s your one wish for Auslug?

The future of Notes/Domino 

IBM Connections apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS 

  • All three apps now available on the App Stores
  • Is there still a place for iWildfire?
  • Mat runs down the differences between the IBM versions and iWildFire


Free antivirus from Microsoft…..yes! Microsoft. And it’s pretty good. Good for home PCs and personal laptops. See the Microsoft Security Essentials site for more details.
Web 1.0 was I’ll publish something, so you can you consume it, Web 2.0 is “let’s interact with one another”. I know a product that’s over 21 years old which does BOTH!  If your Admin hasn’t given you “social”apps in your Notes/Domino environment, things like Forums, Wikis, Blogs and SameTime you should be demanding them to improve your productivity and interaction with others – they are, after all – FREE!
Attend the biggest IBM/Lotus conference in Australasia – AusLUG!  And buy my book – <a href=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1849680205/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=twilotus-20&linkCode=as2&camp=217145&creative=399369&creativeASIN=1849680205″>IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide</a>!
Xpages and modern web interfaces mean that you need to know CSS, as well as everything else! A good CSS editor will help. Getting into this means understanding how pages will look in a different way. I user TopStyle but there are other tools. The trick is to lay out your CSS in a good way, so your processing order is correct as much as possible as styles are applied in order as they are read by the browser as they go through the sheet. The first style is applied and then the second and so on. That means  if a style appears at the top of a style sheet and then is changed lower down in the document, the second item of that style will be the one applied, not the first one. So what you might think should be black could be Red, as its defined again later in your sheet. !Important helps overide this, but its better to structure your CSS sheets in a logical way up front, using a defined structure. So, your most underlying elements, like pages, navigation, content containers and global styles such as default fonts, define at the top of your CSS sheet in clearly labelled areas. More granular stuff, define later in the sheet, but labelled according to the job the code is going to do, eg article styles,  call to action buttons, quote boxes or page specific items.
My word, these tips are getting tough!  Handbrake DVD ripping made easy. Awesome app, started on Mac, now on Windows & Linux too.  Oh, and Plex for viewing said rips, including new Plex iOS app.

Episode 62, discussing Notes/Domino 8.5.3, relevance of the products to the Social Business message, the effect of seniority on social engagement and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Ed BrillEd Brill (blog | twitter) is Director, Product Management, IBM Lotus software.  Ed’s focus is on growing and continuing IBM’s success in messaging and collaboration software, through working with customers, business partners, and IBM sales, marketing, and product development organizations.  Ed’s responsibilities in this role have included the market launches of Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 and 8.5.1, the introduction of Alloy, the release of Lotus Symphony 1.3, and plans/development for LotusLive Notes, an IBM cloud offering for messaging and collaboration. A frequent speaker at IBM and industry events worldwide, Ed is well known for direct contributions to the many Lotus software-focused social media and virtual communities.
Louis RichardsonLouis Richardson (blog | twitter) serves as a worldwide social business evangelist for IBM. As such, he gets to talk to executives and business managers around the world, about how they are using…or thinking of using social software in their organizations.


Notes/Domino 8.5.3

  • What are the major new features?
  • With the release of the XPages RDBMS extension library we’ve made a huge jump forward. Currently it is on 8.5.3 CD5 users which means Design Partners only
    • When is the public beta of 8.5.3 starting so non-DP’s can get their hands on this tasty goodness?
  • When is it coming?
  • When will it be available as LotusLive Notes?
  • Can you talk at all about Notes/Domino Next, timescales, aims etc?
  • Will this be a key deliverable in terms of the realisation of Project Vulcan?
  • When you’re talking to customers about SocBiz, how much does Notes/Domino come into the conversation?

Social Business

  • The campaign/brand
    • What has the response been from customers to the Social Business message?
    • How about ‘traditional’Notes/Domino customers?
    • We are used to Microsoft being the main competition in the Messaging/Collaboration space – is this still the case around Social Business?
    • Which products are involved?
  • What is the key element for a company to understand if they want to become a social business?
  • Is Blogging still relevant?


  • Pleased with progress in the opensource support for these technologies?

IBM donates Lotus Symphony code to Apache

  • What does this mean for Symphony going forward?
  • Is Symphony still getting development effort from IBM?


Milebug – THE best mileage tracker for the iPhone (and also Android and Nokia now). For $2.99 a real bargain. There is a lite version too (limits the number of trips you can store, but allows you to see if it fits your needs)

Plantronics Savi Office –  I’ve switched over to this as my UC/UT environment in my home office and it’s just a dream along with Sametime 8.5.2

When you’re considering how your company is going to implement and leverage social in your business, be sure to (1) keep the focus on the people and (2) make sure it integrates into your business. It’s not about making social your business..it’s about making your business social.

Customise your menus in Connections 3

Episode 47, recorded Wednesday April 13th 2011, discussing the IBM Champion Program, clouds and AusLUG


Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company) and Mat Newman Mat (matnewman.com | matnewman | ISW) Director of Education at Australian Premier Business Partner – ISW.  A self proclaimed master of all things Notes and Domino who also happens to own #TheYellowSuit.


Joyce DavisJoyce Davis : (personal twitter | company twitter | company blog) I’m community manager for IBM in the Collaboration Solutions or “Lotus”division. I’ve “bled yellow”since 1983 when I used Lotus 1-2-3 version 1A for DOS to manage the WW Technical Education course schedule as an IBM co-op. (I was an infant, of course.) I joined Lotus full-time in 1993. I have a degree from Univ. of Texas in Sociology. All those who questioned the value of my degree can now SUCK IT thanks to the social business movement! 🙂 I’ve worked in MANY different roles at IBM over the last 18 years including technical support, people management, project management, communications, program management and now community management. I’m a mom, wife, flutist, Apple fangirl, and social network addict. Although I wasn’t born in Austin, I got here as fast as I could about 35 years ago. (I figure rather than go into detail on my job role, I’ll just answer that when you ask me about it.)
Mary Beth RavenMary Beth Raven Ph.D (blog | twitter) is IBM Senior Technical Staff Member in the Lotus User Experience Design team


IBM Champions Program 

  • What is this?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • Carl Tyler blogged about this in 2008
  • How is one “nominated”?
  • Who is the target “nominee”?
  • Do we have thank our family, friends, manager and agent if we receive one?

Mat interviews Darren and Joyce on Social Collaboration

  • Joyce, you’re one of the ‘Social Adopters’within IBM, (a) how has social changed the way you work, and (b) how that that affected the people you need to interact with
  • …have their work habits changed to suit yours? HELLL NOOOOOO
  • Darren, you’re a Business Partner and ‘work’ CLOSELY with “Lisa – the Social Advocate – Duke”how has Social affected the way you interact with your colleagues and customers?

IBM Launch “Smart Public Cloud Platform” 

Reminder that all 7.x releases goes EoL on 4/30/2011 

  • What ratio of clients are still on it?
  • When was the last time only “one”release (8.x) was supported?

SocialText #1, Jive #2, IBM #3 

  • Comments, feelings?
  • Where is MS?


Joyce: 1)  www.livestream.com/ibmsoftware and www.livestream.com/ibmimpact offer some great videos from IBM events (and of course livestreams if you catch them). I use the iPhone app and it’s a great way to access the videos remotely. 2) Follow Alistair Rennie on Twitter at www.twitter.com/alistair_rennie.

Mary Beth: In Notes 8+ Standard right click on any name, in the sub menu is “Find Available Time….”

Mat: Tip, ‘Lotus Week in Australia’keep these dates in your Diary, Monday 22nd – Friday 26th of August because this will be the greatest Lotus event in Australia since Fusion!  Kicking off with the View’s XPages boot camp and ending with the inaugural Australian Lotus User Group conference, visit www.auslug.org, fill in the survey to ensure we can get The View XPage boot camp to Sydney, and to have your say on the content that we should focus on for AusLUG.

Darren: I have a useful one!!!! Microsoft RDC Manager (RDCMan) allow simple management of all those pesky 2003 and 2008 servers you have to connect too. Free download from MS. (Thanks to Ken S for pointing this out to me)

Episode 46, recorded Wednesday April 6th 2011, discussing Domino as a RAD platform and more…


Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company) and Mat Newman Mat (matnewman.com | matnewman | ISW) Director of Education at Australian Premier Business Partner – ISW.  A self proclaimed master of all things Notes and Domino who also happens to own #TheYellowSuit.


Matt WhiteMatt White: (blog | twitter)
Lead developer at Elguji Software, owner of XPages101.net and founding consultant with the London Developer Co-op. Basically I spend my life working with different aspects of XPages as an ISV, a trainer and a developer. Also I help out with the upcoming UKLUG conference in Manchester, England. We still have a few places left so go to http://www.uklug.info to register.
 David LeedyDavid Leedy : (blog | twitter | Czarnowski Exhibit Services)
Corporate Notes Developer since 1994. Producer of the NotesIn9 screencast with heavy focus on XPages Development for the beginner.  XPages shows are collected at XPages.TV which also contains a free 2 hour XPages Jumpstart.  I also compiled the XPagesCheatSheet which can be found at http://xpagescheatsheet.com.
NotesIn9 is about to launch a new series of videos.  “Build an App From Start to Finish”. This will be an example app using RAD with XPages.


Domino and RAD

  • What is RAD?
  • Does RAD always equal GOOD? (as in good development practices and outcomes)
  • Are RAD solutions single page apps?
  • What place does RAD have in the Enterprise?
  • Has anyone recently had a RAD challenge?
  • What did it (RAD challenge) prove?
  • The Spanner! Is XPages the only choice when it comes to web development on Domino?

Lotusphere Comes to You has officially gone …is this the precursor to the rename?

  • This years events have been less Lotusphere and more IBM marketing, is this what the people expect?
  • So what could LS12 be called?

Classic is back and getting some comments on Ben’s blog

SugarCRM buy iExtenstion CRM

  • I wasn’t expecting that!
  • Sugar6 has “Activity Streams”
  • Seems everyone is adding these

Darren’s Twitter Battle over support

  • Should new browsers be supported via hotfixes or am I a senile old codger?

Google GMail slow downs

  • Ah the whisp, white fluffy cloudness of it all
  • Clouds are usually slow…maybe we need a nomenclature for “speed”
  • LotusLive Tornado
  • GMail Cyclone
  • Give the user some expectation of speed

We’d be remiss not to mention the release of Connections 3.0.1

  • Renamed to IBM Connections
  • Added:
  • “ideation”blogs
  • Multi-media support (is that even a word any more?)
  • Moderation tools


David Leedy: Free LUGS:  Pac LUG, UK LUG, IamLug, MWLug. So for the people, networking and information.  This week in Collaboration?  “Stuart Translates the World According to Darren”

Matt White: The XPages Toolbox project on OpenNTF is a great tool for performance profiling your XPage applications: http://www.openntf.org/Projects/pmt.nsf/ProjectLookup/XPages%20Toolbox
Oh and…. This Week in Denial. Ben Poole on the LDC Skype chat also suggested This Week in <Prince Squiggly Symbol> as well

Mat Newman: WildFire! 😉 … AusLUG, there is a Lotus conference coming to Australia, details will be announced shortly, keep an eye on auslug.org and follow AusLUG on twitter  … TWiL, hmmmm

Darren: Go listen to the Get Social Do Business podcast from Lisa. We’re often a tad myopic in the Yellow Submarine and this is good, not necessarily Yellow view of the social world. And yes, she forced me to pimp it 🙂

This Week In Clofuscation?

Episode 29, recorded Thursday 2nd December 2010, discussing Enterprise 2.0, collaboration styles, evangelism, Twitter’s effect on community behaviour and more…

Please note: we have started to put times in the show notes for when we start to discuss each topic, in order to make it easier to fast-forward through the show to the topics that are of particular interest.  If you would like us to produce an enhanced podcast (AAC format) version of the show with multiple chapters to cover the individual chapters, please do let us know.

Also, we have made the decision to move to recording this show on Thursdays from this point forward, in order to allow additional time to get the podcast produced and still release on a Friday in time for the commute home (in Europe and America at least). Hope this meets with your approval!

This does mean that in this case we recorded before the first Lotusphere abstract confirmations were emailed out late on Thursday – we mentioned this on the podcast…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Luis Suarez (blog | twitter) has been working at IBM for the last 13 years, specialising in the areas of Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Community Building, Learning and Social Computing / Enterprise 2.0. He is currently working as a Social Computing Evangelist within the Software Group, under the BlueIQ team, with the joint mission of helping accelerate the adoption of social software within IBM. In my spare time, I took on the challenge of living “A World Without Email”nearly three years ago, ditching corporate email and instead relying more heavily on social software tools.

Susan Scrupski (linkedin | facebook | twitter) is founder and Executive Director of The 2.0 Adoption Council, a Dachis Group company. The 2.0 Adoption Council is a peer-based, information-sharing private community interested in the latest concepts, best practices, case studies, and helpful tips associated with executing socio-collaborative strategies and projects in the large enterprise.  Susan has been analyzing the IT Services market for 20  years, with her insights having been featured in industry research, as well as mainstream media such as The New York Times, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC. Her interests are in Enterprise 2.0 and the next generation web. Susan is on the advisory board of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, blogs for the Enterprise Irregulars, and spends most of her time supporting the council members in their efforts to evangelize social business in their own organizations.

Luis Benitez (blog | twitter ) is one of the Social Software Product Managers at IBM.  He’s been with IBM for 9 years and loves to promote the concept of accelerating innovation in the workplace by socializing.


Luis Suarez – Enterprise 2.0 Internal Evangelist of the year (03:58) 

  • Congratulations
  • What does it mean, who awarded it?
  • What was the prize?
  • What do you do inside IBM?

What is ‘Enterprise2.0’? (14:14) 

  • There are lots of terms being introduced – Enterprise2.0, Social Computing, Social Media, Social Collaboration, now IBM is pushing Social Business (seems to be the key theme for Lotusphere) – What is special about Social Business?
  • Do organisations get it?
  • Do you need the right corporate culture to allow Enterprise2.0 to thrive?
  • Do we need to do more to make the transition more obvious for ‘traditional companies’or those with ‘traditional working styles’?


  • Why do we need to evangelise about technology?
  • Were there ‘email evangelists’or ‘CRM evangelists’? Or is ‘evangelism’new to Social Computing?
  • Should we be having fun at work?
  • If someone ‘gets’Enterprise2.0 (or social computing) and wants to promote its use in organisations, how do they go about it?
  • If someone wants to promote use of other technologies (say XPages, or CRM), are the techniques broadly similar?

Twitter ‘is a severely anti-social means of communication.‘ (1:07:20) 

  • ‘It engenders terrible behavior among people who would otherwise be at least cordial, if not outright friends. It affects our message. It makes us segregated. It makes us mean. It makes us bullies.’
  • Discuss!

Lotusphere 2011 coming soon (1:20:14) 

  • What would make Lotusphere more social?
  • What can we learn from other conferences?

Domino Collaboration Express to allow clustering from Ed Brill (1:23:05) 

Tips (1:24:16)

DarrenNeed to back up a ESX or ESXi VM? Trilead is a good way to do one time backups for free, or a very well priced option for scheduled backups for only 690 USD, 520 EUR or 450 GBP .
Luis SFollowing further previous tip on #elsuapps, folks need to check out SoundNote (Amazing iPad App for less than 5$!)
SusaniPhone TripIt app
LuisBAndroid (CMIS) client for LC 3.0
StuartBook for Lotusphere today! Even if you hope to get a session…
Also, great presentation on Slideshare A to Z – The 26 Most Essential Websites For Entrepreneurs

Episode 28, recorded Friday 26th November 2010, discussing reasons to be thankful, Connections 3.0 GA, Transformer demo, ‘classic’ applications, XPages performance in the Notes client, the new XPages URL Shortner and more…

Please note: we have started to put times in the show notes for when we start to discuss each topic, in order to make it easier to fast-forward through the show to the topics that are of particular interest.  If you would like us to produce an enhanced podcast (AAC format) version of the show with multiple chapters to cover the individual chapters, please do let us know.

Also, we have made the decision to move to recording this show on Thursdays from this point forward, in order to allow additional time to get the podcast produced and still release on a Friday in time for the commute home (in Europe and America at least). Hope this meets with your approval!


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Tony McPhail (twitter) is IT Technical Manager with The Salvation Army, Southern Territory, responsible for Enterprise application and infrastructure, including CItrix, VMware and Lotus Domino portfolio. Domino, Notes and iNotes clients, sametime, quirck and connections.

Pim van Wetten (blog | twitter | lotuslive) has worked with Lotus related software for over 11 years. After finishing his studies in Management and Information Sciences in 1999, Pim van Wetten (1974) started working at e-office. e-office is a Dutch IBM Business Partner that consults organizations about the way they can use technologies to collaborate more efficiently independent of place or time. During the first six years of his career Pim has taken a deep dive in technology by programming in Lotus Notes, WebSphere and WebSphere Portal. Then, he broadened his activities with project management and consultancy. The last three years he specialized in enterprise social media consulting. Pim is a regular speaker on this topic and has hosted several Lotus Connections sessions at the Dutch Notes User Group (NLLUG).

Tim Clark (blog | twitter | lotuslive) is an IT Specialist working in IBM Lotus Technical Sales in the UK and Ireland. Tim has been working for Lotus since 1994 and still loves it. The last few years have seen Tim focus on XPages, but now that focus is shifting to help customers understand how they can improve their collaboration using Lotus Software products. Tim is also a founding member of the XCast, an XPages podcast, which will be re-launching for Lotusphere 2011 with new hosts.


Thanksgiving week – what is your ‘reason to be thankful’? (04:52)

Lotus Connections 3.0 GA (07:43) 

  • First available to customers, then partners – what were they thinking? 😉
  • Lots of useful resources, not least a checklist for the upgrade
  • Demo video
  • Several HowTo video’s
  • Installation worksheet (would this be appreciated for other Lotus products? Would it scare people off?)
  • Side-by-side upgrade – makes you realise how good Domino upgrades are
  • Wiki-based documentation – how do we feel about this? Should there still be a straightforward Infocenter?
  • CMIS demo of Luiz Benitez showing integration with Lotus Connections
  • Is there a pilot version of Lotus Connections 3.0?

Transformer demo on LotusUserGroup.org (28:41) 

  • What do we think?
  • Is automated process the way ahead?

“Classic”- phrase du jour (37:52) 

  • Developers are affecting the messaging side with this jihad to create a nomenclature to separate out XPages
  • Mail is still a Notes app (composite and all, people think it is just LS and forms)
  • Would you invest in a messaging platform dubbed as “classic”or “legacy” by the very people who’d sell it to you?

On a related note Jake Howlett’s “Are You A Domino Developer?”survey (41:06) 

XPages in the Notes Client Speed – Sean Cull (43:25) 

  • aka XPiNC
  • A 80 fold increase in data transmitted to the client over a regular Lotus Notes app

XPages URL Shortner (48:12) 

What happened to the XCast? (50:01)

Lotusphere 2011 only 65 days away (51:59) 

  • No sign of session confirmations yet
  • Who’s attending? Submitted abstracts?
  • What is the Lotusphere Solutions Developer Lab?

Traveler for Android out by the Holidays (58:01) 



TimKeep an eye out for the new book “Mastering XPages Development”(Amazon UK US) due out in time for Lotusphere 2011 and should be on the bookstall. Written by Martin Donnelly, Mark Wallace and Tony McGuckin with technical review by Maureen Leland and John Mackey.
PimMy tip is about social software. Focus on collaboration, on improving your daily activities. It’s about business value, not a social cool tool.
TonyUse Lotus Sametime.. awareness to see if people are available, send message to see if they can accept your interruption.
DarrenThis has been said before in TWiL, but Evernote is amazing. I’m using it to sync “notes”between several Windows laptops, my Galaxy S Android phone, my BlackBerry Tour and my Galaxy Tab Android Tablet. I store things like wifi passwords, etc and have them accessible no matter the device I’m one.
Stuarta) Need to know more about Social Collaboration (and specifically Lotus Connections)? Join the Collaboration Matters/Applicable webinar series, starting on December 6th.
b) SSDs rock.  Expensive but worth every penny/cent/dime etc