Recorded on Friday 30th March 2012. Darren joins Mat Newman and the crew at AusLUG 2012 for live This Week in Lotus review of the conference. Darren and I discuss RIMs demise, and the rise of the LUG.  Lastly we have some excellent interviews made by Sean Cull at BLUG.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


RIM takes a tumble

AUSLUG 2012 (Sorry for the poor sound quality)
BLUG 2012

No tips this week, back next time!

Episode 93 recorded on Thursday 15th March 2012.  Sharon Bellamy and Femke Goedhart join Darren and Stuart to discuss the upcoming user groups in Belgium and the Netherlands, how to recover from Connections database failure and why Yammer’s business model is so persuasive.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Femke Goedhart (twitter | blog | company) is a Business Consultant at Silverside, The Netherlands. She specialises in Collaboration, Social Business, Document Management and Workflow solutions.
IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions and enthusiast on all things Social.

Sharon Bellamy

Sharon Bellamy (blog | twitter | company) is a Business Consultant at Applicable, working with IBM Connections implementations and anything WebSphere or Lotus related IBM Champion, iSeries fan girl and friend of Mat Newman.


BLUG 2012

  • March 22-23, Antwerp
  • Fantastic lineup
  • Listen to TWiL 91 for all the details
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • Social Panel

Social Business Event NL / NLLUG 201

  • May 15 & 16, Feyenoord stadium Rotterdam
  • 4 tracks: Admin/Development/Best Practises/Business  both Dutch as well as international speakers
  • Double conference: Social Business aimed both at new and existing customers – NLLUG aimed at existing user group
  • focus in business tracks on Line of Business: HR, Marketing, Communications and Management.

Lotusphere 2013 site already up, and looking good!

Connections issues dealt with this week:

  • Recovering Connections from database failure
    • Learnt a lot this week
    • Lose your recovery logs and next time your system restarts, the DB2 DB will not come back up
    • Crash Recovery fails
    • DB2 goes down when Connections connects
    • Speak to IBM support fast!
  • Media Widget timeout
  • Connections custom theme issue

Silverside become a Kudos partner

Yammer – 500.000 users in NL makes it second biggest market for Yammer after US.

Product Wiki design

  • UXLab are looking for help on this – they need volunteers
  • If you want to improve the product wikis please volunteer –



  • great social stream tool to have as a desktop app but for me most particular to have in the sidebar of my browser (Firefox/Chrome). Handles FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Talk, MySpace, etc, etc. Even allows you to check in with 4square and do multi updates to all of those in one go if you want.



  • Time has come for all laptops/desktops to have mirrored disks, sick of recovering dead/corrupted drives.  DiskWarrior is worth its weight in gold 😉  Also AppleJack – install on every Mac *before* you have a problem.

Episode 91 recorded on Friday 1st March 2012.  Mat Newman and Theo Heselmans join Darren and I to discuss the upcoming BLUG and AUSLUG user groups, agenda highlights, key speakers and their related social events. I suffer from some impetuosity regarding upgrading my OS, and hours of bloopers ensue. 

Oh yeah, and sorry for the delay in getting this out. Work, life, what balance 😉

[An update since the show – unfortunately I will not be attend BLUG due to family commitments and hence have had to cancel my speaker slot. Apologies to Theo and the team.]


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Theo Hesslemans

Theo Heselmans (blog | twitter | BLUG) is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions. In 1993 he started working as a Notes/Domino consultant with version 3. He delighted (and still does) many customers with custom applications. For 4 years now, he is responsible for BLUG. Theo visits other LUGs regularly, and has been to 17 Lotusphere conferences. He is an avid believer in all things ‘Social’. He loves to talk about Notes, BLUG, Excel (and wine)!<br>

Mat Newman (blog | twitter | company) is the Director of Education for ISW (an IBM Premier business partner in Australia).  An IBM Notes user since 1992, Mat is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions, owner of the coolest YELLOW suit around, friends with Lisa Duke, Sharon Bellamy and Femke Goedhart, and lately spending a lot of his time #Mythbusting. As you might notice in the bio pic, Mat is also partial to AS400’s 😉


‘You must be mad!’

  • Organisers of two of the biggest Lotus community groups worldwide
  • Hundreds of hours of effort given up free of charge
  • Stress of running large expensive events at you own risk
  • Why do you do it?


  • When? March 22-23, Thursday-Friday
  • Where? Antwerp, Belgium, and all sessions are in English!
  • Keynote? Chris Crummey, Business Unit Executive at IBM and Lead Evangelist for Lotus
  • Who are other key speakers?
    • Alan Forbes, Bill Bucan, Bill Malchisky, Chris Miller, Devin Olson, Eamon Muldoon, Eileen Fitzgerald, Femke Goedhart, Florian Vogler, Frank van der Linden, Gabriella Davis, Howard Greenberg, Jess Stratton, John Beck, John Head, Kathy Brown, Luis Suarez, Martin Donnelly, Matthew Fyleman, Mikkel Heisterberg, Paul Mooney, Paul Withers, Rene Winkelmeyer, Rob Novak, Sean Cull, Steve McDonagh, Stuart McIntyre, Tim Clark, Tony McGuckin, Ulrich Krause, Warren Elsmore, Theo Heselmans, …
    • 17 of which are IBM champions
    • Other highlights
    • Double sided badges with TwitterID and QR Code
    • Large twitter wall #BLUG
    • Social panel with Femke Goedhart, Luis Suarez and Stuart McIntyre
    • Nerd Girls are repeating their successful Spark Ideas from Lotusphere with other topics/speakers
    • Speedsponsoring: 18 booths, so fast talking is required. Paul Mooney hosting, Bill Buchan and Tim Clark are his assistants
    • Something new: a developers’quiz: educational and fun guaranteed
  • Can people still register?


  • What: Lotus Week: 29th – 30th March, 2012
    • The View XPages Advanced Seminar 26th-28th March
    • AusLUG Admin Jump-Start with Gabriella Davis & Chris Miller, 27th & 28th March
    • AusLUG 29th & 30th March
  • Where: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Who are we: Some VERY passionate Aussies: Karen Hooper, Adrian Randall, Michael Little, John Stockbridge, Barry Sanders, Scott Beattie, Terry Boyd, Steve Hooper,Tony McPhail
  • Keynote: Ed Brill
  • Featured Session: Michael Sampson,
  • Key Speakers: Walter Adamson, Nick Baldwin, Darren Belford, John Bilson, Dion Boyd, Adam Brown, Paul Calhoun, Andrew Davis, Gabriella Davis, Geoff Dutton, Bob Hallewell, , Mark Hampton, Tony Holder, Karen Hooper, Steve Hooper, Declan Lynch, Russell Maher, Peter May, Chris a/k/a IdoNotes, Christian Petters, Michael Sampson, Ted Stanton, Florian Vogler, Sunny Wan, Steve Wellington, Gary Wickham, Stephan Wissel
  • 6 IBM Champions
  • Just got some great ideas for the badges – thanks Theo 🙂
  • Round 1 of the AFL is immediately following on Friday night featuring the Mighty HAWKS!
  • Nerd Girls, TWiL Live from AusLUG, the ‘Social Evening’, and an informal gathering with 100,000 (bragger, your number has to be the biggest 🙂 others on Friday night for the opening round of the AFL, did I mention the Mighty HAWKS
  • Oh, and IBM will find out where the Street Party banner from Sunday night’s LS12 welcome reception went to 😉

What else?

  • Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Baaarchelona (did I pronounce that right?)

From the TweetBag:




  • The obvious: Come to LUGs: you learn a lot, it’s not expensive (as in Free), and you’ll meet lots of people.
  • 2 useful iPhone apps: Tweetbot & i-nigma (=QR reader)


  • Yes, it’s a Notes Tip 🙂 If you are compelled to let the world know your feelings on a piece of software dont just say ‘I hate …’Tell us what the problem is so we can help you!
  • Teamviewer Desktop for Mac/Linux/Win and apps for iOS and Android, remote control any computer with a http connection on port 80.


Episode 42, recorded Thursday 10th March 2011, discussing upcoming Lotus User Groups in Belgium and the UK, why the Lotus community should ‘put up or shut up’ in Australia, IBM’s stance on Nokia devices and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)



Warren Elsmore

Warren Elsmore (blog | twitter | company) has worked in the Lotus arena for 15 years and is a Senior Architecture Consultant with the Bluewave Group.  Bluewave provide technical architecture consultancy and advice to a range of large and small customers across the globe. Warren has spoken at many Lotus events including Lotusphere, Collaboration University, the View Admin conference, ILUG and UKLUG. He also writes for Clippings and in any spare time he has left he runs the UK Lotus User Group!

Theo Hesslemans

Theo Heselmans (blog | twitter | company) has been doing Notes/domino development for almost 20 years. He became an independent consultant about 10 years ago and founded Xceed. He’s been to almost every Lotusphere, and got involved into the Lotus community when he started blogging about 4 years ago. He’s been running the BLUG now for 2.5 years.


User groups

  • What are Lotus User Groups?
  • Why did you chose to organise them?
  • What’s involved in organizing such an event: find Venue, Date, Speakers, Sponsors, Attendees, Staff, Merchandising
  • Who attends user groups?
  • What is the format of your events, days/numbers?
  • What are the benefits of attending?
    • to attendees?
    • to sponsors/exhibitors?
    • to speakers
  • Shouldn’t IBM be responsible for running these events?


  • When is it? (March 31th – April 1st)
  • Where? (Crowne Plaza In Antwerp, we needed a bigger venue, as we grew: more than 200 people per day)
  • Why Antwerp this time? (Great city, we wanted to a change from Brussels)
  • Now a two-day event – why the change? (so many topics to cover, and we had to turn down too many excellent speakers last time)
  • Who is speaking? (70% international Lotusphere speakers)


  • When is it? (23rd-24th May)
  • Where? (Manchester Museum of Science and Industry)
  • What is planned? (2 days of conference sessions with a fantastic line-up of speakers)
  • What are you looking for in session abstracts?

The future of LUGs

  • Are more user groups required around the world?
  • If someone wants to organise a new one, where do they start?
  • How do you get the word out?
  • Does the move to Social Business change anything?

Other news:



1) Book your flights (if flying!!!) soon, fuel surcharges are being added to prices at an alarming rate.
2) IBM stop changing your technote URLs!!!


1) Register for UKLUG – as an attendee, speaker or sponsor (Abstracts and sponsors close 5th April Final session by the 18th April.
2) If you can’t make it to UKLUG, find your local LUG through
3) If you don’t have a local LUG – start one!


1) Register for BLUG: about 50 seats available
2) Go to UKLUG: you won’t regret it
3) Ytria updated their tools to version 10. Especially ScanEZ is a lifesaver. Bought it in 2004 and practically use it daily.


1) Google Chrome 10 just released, features new preferences UI, and sync of apps/bookmarks/extensions/password/preferences/themes etc between machines, even between operating systems.  Faster than ever too.  IBM support still an issue, but otherwise, why aren’t you using it??!
2) Also, look out for TWiL goodies at UKLUG…