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October 28, 2010

Darren and I have now been producing ‘This Week in Lotus‘ for nearly 6 months, so far managing to post a new episode every single week – we intend to keep that run going!

Hopefully you’ve all been enjoying the show, and getting some valuable content from it – that’s the balance we’re trying to strike, a mixture of discussion, information and entertainment. We are massively grateful to all those that have taken part in the show so far – a wonderful group of IBMers, partners, customers and analysts.

The download numbers for the show have been growing gradually with time, with significant spikes occuring with the releases of new Lotus products, which ofetn coincide with us having a notable name from IBM/Lotus on the show.  We hope that by providing a number of options for listening –  downloading the show, streaming direct from this site, and subscribing by iTunes, RSS or email – we are covering all the bases, however if we need to do something else to make your consumption of the show easier, then please let us know!

However, the main reason for the post is that we are facing the usual issue that affects all our blogs – getting awareness outside of the ‘Yellow Bubble’.  Darren and I both feel that our show would be of real interest to those that aren’t already bloggers or contributors to the community – those that work with Lotus software at the coal-face, whether at customers, partners or within IBM itself.  Therefore, we would welcome any assistance that you (our lovely lovely listeners!) can offer.  Perhaps you could include details of our show on your blog, in newsletters, as a bookmark on Digg/Delicious/Connections etc., in your own presentations, and so on?  Perhaps you could just mention it in an email to your developers, administrators or users?  Lastly, maybe you could tweet our details, post our link on Facebook, like our Facebook page, join our LinkedIn group or post a link on other social networks?

Here’s our logo, if that would help:

TWiL Album Art

Feel free to link it to

Lastly, if you could offer us support in any other form, then this would be welcome too…  Suggest some ideas for discussion topics, offer to be on the podcast, or even sponsor the shows themselves… (With Lotusphere 2011 coming up, there is no better time to raise awareness of your organisation, product or service amongst the Lotus community).  Send any correspondance to us at – we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, Stuart

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