Here’s one session at Lotusphere you cannot miss… This Week in Lotus – Live!

January 17, 2011

We’ve mentioned this on the show a couple of times in the past few weeks – the idea of recording a live ‘This Week in Lotus’ show at Lotusphere 2011…

Well, thanks to some incredible efforts by the Lotusphere organisation team, we are doing just that.

On Wednesday afternoon between 5:45 and 6:45pm in Swan Pelican, Darren Duke and I will be joined by a distinguished panel of notable names from around the Lotus community – IBMers, partners and customers – for an hour of informed discussion in front of a live audience of Lotusphere attendees.  We’ll be covering the major news stories from the conference – announcements, the OGS, news from the Showcase, the stand-out sessions, social events and more.  Even better, we’ll be inviting comments and questions from the audience too, so if you’ve never taken part in a podcast, now’s your chance!

This Week in Lotus - Live!The show will be recorded and posted ASAP for the folks that are not at Lotusphere.   We’ll be releasing the panel line-up over the next week, so look out for that!

Ben Langhinrichs has already been good enough to add the session to his Database, so mark it in your diary now. This is a great time slot, just before the Lotusphere Party, so come on over to the Swan, grab a coffee and lean back to listen to the show.

It should be fun!

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