Don’t miss ‘This Week in Lotus – Live’ at Lotusphere 2011 today!

February 2, 2011

A reminder that we are recording a live episode of This Week in Lotus today at Lotusphere 2011:

We’ve mentioned this on the show a couple of times in the past few weeks – the idea of recording a live ‘This Week in Lotus’ show at Lotusphere 2011…

Well, thanks to some incredible efforts by the Lotusphere organisation team, we are doing just that.

On Wednesday afternoon between 5:45 and 6:45pm in Swan Pelican, Darren Duke and I will be joined by a distinguished panel of notable names from around the Lotus community – IBMers, partners and customers – for an hour of informed discussion in front of a live audience of Lotusphere attendees.  We’ll be covering the major news stories from the conference – announcements, the OGS, news from the Showcase, the stand-out sessions, social events and more.  Even better, we’ll be inviting comments and questions from the audience too, so if you’ve never taken part in a podcast, now’s your chance!

The show will be recorded and posted ASAP for the folks that are not at Lotusphere.

We are honoured to have a stellar panel that includes Kathy Mandelstein, Mary Beth Raven, Bruce Elgort and Paul Mooney, plus loads of give-aways, a chance for the audience to submit questions and more…

Come listen, engage, enjoy and then go party with Harry Potter!

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