Episode 83, recorded on Thursday 23rd December 2011.  Joyce Davis, Susan Bulloch and Barry Rosen join Darren and I to discuss Lotusphere 2012 sessions, tracks and social events, Barry tells us about his upcoming Notes&Domino 8.5.3 book and Darren goes awfully quiet!


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Barry RosenBarry Rosen (twitter I LinkedIn) Barry Rosen is an IBM IT Certified Managing Consultant with IBM Software Services for Lotus. During the last five years, he has worked on several global messaging and migration projects as well as performed Domino upgrades, messaging assessments, and client deployments. Currently, Barry has been heavily involved in LotusLive Notes cloud migrations and hybrid deployments, Prior to IBM Software Services for Lotus, he was a Software Engineer in Lotus Support for over five years. While in support, Barry was on several teams specializing in mail routing, Lotus Notes Client, calendaring and scheduling, and server core. Mr Rosen is a SME on clustering, Lotus Notes for the Macintosh, and rooms and resources. Barry is also a published author with several articles and books written on Lotus products. <br>
Susan BullochSusan Bulloch (blog  | Twitter ) Susan currently works as a Support Engineer on the Lotus Notes Calendar and Scheduling Team.  She has worked for IBM Lotus Software for more than 11 years in software support and development positions.She has worked with Lotus Notes and Domino since 1992 as an administrator, instructor, developer, and architect in banking and utility industries. Susan has a Bachelors degree in engineering and a Master’s degree in Information Technology.  She holds certifications in all current Lotus Notes product releases. Susan is a frequent speaker at technical conferences, including LotuSphere, the View Admin conferences and at regional user group conferences worldwide.  When not working, Susan likes to annoy insects and buzzards.<br>
Joyce DavisJoyce Davis (blog | twitter | company) is community manager for IBM in the Collaboration Solutions or “Lotus”division. I help bring together clients, business partners and IBMers to share their knowledge and collaborate. I’ve “bled yellow”since 1983 when I used Lotus 1-2-3 version 1A for DOS to manage the WW Technical Education course schedule as an IBM co-op. (I was an infant, of course.) I joined Lotus full-time in 1993. I’ve worked in MANY different roles at IBM over the last 18 years including technical support, people management, project management, communications, program management and now community management. I’m a mom, wife, flutist, Apple fangirl, and social network addict. Although I wasn’t born in Austin, I got here as fast as I could about 35 years ago.


Lotusphere 2012

  • Just 24 days to go – what are we looking forward to at Lotusphere 2012?
  • Best Practices track
    • Always one of the most popular tracks at LS
    • Any changes to the track this year?
      • 36 sessions (23 of 36 are Notes/Domino)
      • 35% are new speakers
    • Any sessions you’re particularly looking forward to?
    • How does a track manager go about choosing their sessions?
    • Is there a question of balance between the different products, technologies? Or is it all about the quality of the abstract/speakers?
    • Gurupalooza? Back again? Will you be chairing?
  • Joyce, You seem to have an even bigger part to play in organising this time?
    • What’s top of your list of activities?
      • Social cafes
      • Team Social helpers
    • Where will you be during the conference?
      • Social cafes, customer evangelist panel, customer council meetings, IBM Champion activities (reception)
      • Session FS217: The Lotus Evangelist Customer Panel ; Dolphin – S. Hem IV -V; Tues 4:45 – 5:45; FREE BEER and WINE 🙂
    • Online communities for Lotusphere and Connect
    • The ‘Social Lounges’have been mentioned a number of times, what’s that all about?
      • Can you talk a bit about how folks can find out who the IBM Champions are and where they’ll be speaking?
      • So far 45 of 63 champions are confirmed
      • They’ll be sitting in the front at the OGS and CGS
      • They’ll have IBM Champion ribbons on their badge holders
      • Some are doing topics of the hour at the social cafes
  • Sessions DB now available
    • Via, as always, Ben Langhinrichs
  • This Week in Lotus Live – details to be confirmed!

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3: Upgrader’s Guide [Amazon US | Amazon UK

  • Who are the authors? (Barry Rosen, Tim Speed, Scott O’Keefe)
  • How did it come about?
  • When will it be shipped?
  • What does it cover?  Domino and Notes? Traveler?
  • How much?

Nicklas Heidloff’s blog – 2011 – The XPages Year

Highlights of 2011


CLPs get a discount for Lotusphere 2012 – just $1,995 until Jan 15th

Best travel tip, always have earplugs!

Buy noise cancelling headsets!  Make your travel arrangements now.  You don’t want to be late for Orlando.  Seek out Mat Newman – he will pump your energy level higher than you thought possible.

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2) Benedryl and Melatonin can each be used to treat insomnia and/or jet lag. They can be found over the counter. (Will someone please remind me to take it at night? Thanks.)
3) Videofest http://bit.ly/videofest

Go buy a Sonos Play:3, preferably buy lots. You will not regret it!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays…

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