Episode 79, recorded on Thursday, 22nd November 2011.  We discuss the new Sametime iOS client, Sametime 8.5.2IFR1, DanNotes, XSnippets and much more

[We’re releasing early this week as it is Thanksgiving in the US, also as the Sametime content is so timely.  Music this week in by Julia Nunes.]


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Gab DavisGab Davis (twitter | company) is Technical Director for the Turtle Partnership in London.  Working with infrastructure, design and support for Lotus collaborative products, especially the WAS based ones and this week is an official writer as co-author of the Sametime Admin Guide, available at Amazon and all discerning locations 🙂
Per Henrik LaustenPer Henrik Lausten (blog | twitter | company) is an independent consultant with his own one-man company in Denmark. He is working with Lotus Notes, Domino, and XPages development and administration based on experience with Lotus Notes/Domino since 1997.


New mobile clients for Sametime

  • Clients for iOS (now on App Store) and Android (coming soon).  BB client is already there has been since May.
  • Same model as Connections (builds on Mobile web and adds native features). Requires ST Proxy server (WAS based)
  • Needs new version of ST – 8.5.2IFR1 only downloadable today (not yet on public servers it seems)
  • Supports SUT as well

SUT & SUT Lite

  • What are they, and how do they differ?

Sametime 8.5.2 IFR 1

  • Interesting nomenclature – why not or 8.5.3
  • Whats in it?
    • Support for mobile clients
    • Support for Lion, FF6/7, IE9 (not Chrome yet though)
    • Offline Messaging
    • Organisational view of contacts (links to Connections)
    • Firefox 6 and 7 and IE9 support as well as Domino 8.5.3
    • Ability to send entire folders of files in file transfer
    • New browser-based meeting participation on Google Android tablets and Apple iPads
    • New Sametime meeting room features and options such as Active Speaker indication
    • Sametime Advanced 8.5.2 IFR 1 also includes:
      • Offline messaging (doesn’t require server install, just license)
      • Multi-file and folder transfer to individuals (doesn’t require server install, just license)
      • File transfers to multiple people simultaneously
      • Organizational tree view (is all this new?) Yep all new. and all tied to ST Adv licensing


  • Goals:
    • Provide a good looking and easy to use next generation of the OpenNTF code bin
    • Make the code available as open source as learning resource and for internal code bin libraries
    • Document not only what we’ve done but also how we’ve done certain things (project management, design, implementation, code control, etc.)
    • Efforts ongoing to make it easy to add XSnippets into Designer

XPageswiki.com on iOS

OpenNTF dev contest

  • submissions due next week (December 2nd)
  • win an iPad 2, iPhone 5 or Amazon voucher
  • ask participants to contribute XPages source code to help building either 1. mobile and/or 2. social applications. These contributions can either be full applications which can be customized or extended or they can be reusable XPages controls as in the first contest.


  • What is it? When?
  • How is DanNotes different to other LUGs/conferences?
  • What are you hoping for this year?
  • Will any of the content be shared/streamed?
  • What hashtag(s) should people look out for? Is there a conference twitter ID?

Lotusphere 2012 and Connect 2012

  • Gab, what’s your role this year?
  • Anything different in what is expected/desired from sessions this time?
  • Connect in Swan, does that mean fewer ‘traditional’LS sessions?
  • Who’s submitted sessions?
  • Great Geek Challenge is confirmed – we’ll be looking for sponsors 🙂 We have some already


So, Sametime. If you are not using Sametime Limited and are entitled to it then install it and give it to your users.

On the Packt website there will be / is a free downloadable chapter of the Sametime Admin Guide on Mobile clients and deployment

If you’re into XPages, have a look at 8.5.3 and the latest extension library on OpenNTF. Easy deployment on the server using updatesite method (I’m sure your admin will approve this form of deployment) – and plenty of features in the library to speed up XPages development. Also check the upgraded doclib and teamroom templates (that now include OneUI 2.1 and mobile interfaces)

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