Episode 76, recorded on Thursday 3rd November 2011.  Kathy Mandelstein and David Robinson join us to discuss Lotusphere 2012 and Connect 2012, the W3C Social Jam, RIM’s new music service and more…


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Kat MandelsteinKathy (Kat) Mandelstein (aboutme) is currently oversees worldwide marketing programs, web and events as the Director for IBM Collaboration Solutions in IBM Software and for Social Business for all of IBM. Kathy is a regular contributor to BtoB Magazine’s BtoBlog. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Social Media Club and is the Vice President of the local Austin Chapter. Previously, Kathy led the IBM Rational marketing team focused on the business value of effective software delivery. In the spring of 2011, Kathy served on the IBM Executive Corporate Service Corps in Rio de Jainero.

Kathy has been a pioneer in launching successful web and social media marketing efforts, as well as developing dedicated web communities dating back to the time that she led developerWorks and alphaWorks in addition to marketing programs to developers for IBM. Her past history includes leading various marketing, channel and Web development teams in IBM. Before joining IBM, Kathy managed one of the earliest successful retail Web sites at JC Penney. Kat holds a B.S. in Advertising with Minor in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and a Global Leadership MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and pomeranian, Luna.

 David RobinsonDavid Robinson (twitter) is a software engineer at IBM, currently focused on emerging social standards, including security standards. He is a former chief programmer for a global development team and has worked with customers in a variety of industries from manufacturing to banking.  He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.B.A. from Duke University.


Lotusphere 2012

  • Major details for the unititiated
    • January 15-19th, 2012
    • Disney Dolphin and Swan, Orlando (is the Yacht Club being used this year?)
  • What’s the theme this year?
    • ‘Business. Made Social’
  • What are the costs of attending? Early bird deal etc?
  • How many years constitutes an alumni  “past attendee”?
  • What has changed from previous years?
  • Social Media
  • Will students be back like last year?
  • If I want to speak, what do I do and when is the deadline?
  • When will the agenda (days, tracks, sessions) become available?

Connect 2012

  • What is it?
  • When?
    • Monday and Tuesday
  • Who’s it aimed at?
    • People on the business side that aren’t technical – all levels
  • How many do you hope to have attend?
  • Can those with a full LS12 pass attend?
    • $995 to attend just Connect
  • Will my abstract be considered for both Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012?

W3C Jam

  • Why does social business need open standards?
  • What is the impact for a business when they use open standards?
  • What is the role of the developer when leveraging open standards?
  • Why are open standards important to IBM?
  • What is W3C?
  • What and when is the W3C Social Business Jam?
  • W3C has a great line up of special guests and moderators for the W3C Social Business Jam. Tell us about that.
  • What are the W3C Social Business Jam discussion topics?
  • Why would a business person be interested in participating? Is this going to be a technical discussion?
  • What output do you expect to see from the Jam?
  • What will be done with the Jam results?
  • How do our listeners get involved with the W3C Social Business Jam?

BBM Music announcement

  • Enough to save RIM with the cool kids?
  • Slightly odd benefits – 50 songs for $5/mon, can share friends’songs

One in three young workers priortises social media and device freedom above salary

  • Would you be the same?


#1 The Delta airlines app is a very useful app to have on your phone. I never know what time I land (unless the pilot tells me) so this little gem now lets me know. As well as when to check in.
#2 (as there are some Apple fanbois on….) If you have not yet upgraded your iPhone 4 to iOS5….DON’T. The battery life is atrocious.
#3 I was first!!!

If you want to speak at Lotusphere or Connect get your abstract submitted by November 6th – THAT IS TONIGHT!! (Tip: sharing customer stories and real life examples gives you a better shot at being selected) and if you just want to attend, be sure to register early for savings.

We want to encourage everyone to sign up and register for the W3C Social Business Jam happening next week – Nov 8 – 10.  Registration is free and you can find the link by checking the Events calendar at http://w3c.org.

Even if not attending the BP day or sessions on Sunday, fly into Orlando on Friday or Saturday.  Saturday evening events are not to be missed. (and stay Thursday too….Blogger Open – DD)

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