Our seventh episode, recorded today (Friday 9 July 2010). A roundtable discussion of the latest news and topics of debate surrounding the Lotus brand.


Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke.


Kathy Brown (Twitter | Blog)
Chris Miller (Twitter | Blog | Company)
Ben Poole (Twitter | Blog | Company)

This podcast is 62MB and runs for 67 minutes at 128kps. Enjoy!

* Please note that all views expressed are the participants’ own and do not necessarily represent those of their employer(s).


IBM Named Worldwide Marketshare Leader in Social Platforms Software

  • Congratulations to Jeff Schick and all the team at Lotus – clearly Connections and Quickr are doing well
  • Does it matter? To IBM/BPs/Customer?
  • Should the PL community be more interested?
  • IDC report link

The PlanetLotus effect

OpenNTF in the news

Lotus ProtectorChris’ post re: hardware requirements

  • Why do we think Lotus has chosen to specify xSeries only?
  • Have you used Protector? What did you think?
  • Is it a player in the market?
  • On-premise vs. cloud based anti-spam/anti-virus – which do you use/recommend?

Follow up to AppStore discussions



Ben: big fan of the application Evernote (Mac, Win, web, iPhone, Android, BB, Palm OS, WinMo) for organising notes, clippings, to-do lists, the whole nine yards.
Kathy:  follow @NotesDevTips on Twitter
Chris: TackItOn seminars coming along..
Darren: Licensing webinar on 7/15 @ 1PM EST
Stuart: iWidgets in Lotus Connections, some examples…

5 comments on “7: Rick Astley makes my day!

  1. Great job gang. Gayle and I both truly enjoy the show. Top shelf!

  2. Dear Sir’s
    I find your sites ability to down load the Podcasts very poor, this is now the 3trd one I Have downloaded, and the speed is the same less than 10K per second. This means it take a long time to down load a relatively small file. I routinely down load 500 Mb files in the same time that I am down loading your podcast, any thing you can do would be good.
    I like the podcasts them selves.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Nick. This is the first we’ve heard of download issues from our listeners, and we’re getting relatively good volume of downloads each week for such a young podcast.
      This site is hosted out of an enterprise-class datacenter, on a very fast connections, so downloads should be at a decent speed, and more likely will be limited by the link at your end.
      I’ve just downloaded the last couple of episodes to my home connection and have seen 200kB/s, so it seems to be performing here – the 65MB MP3 came down in 4 minutes.
      I’ll check with a few contacts and make sure that it is working for them too. In the meantime, I hope your downloads start working better for you.

  3. David Stephens Jul 24, 2010

    Good job with the webcast. Excited to hear about the UGs interaction. Keep up the good work!

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