Episode 69, recorded on Thursday 15th September 2011.  We discuss Social Media Week, IBM’s use of social media to market its products and services, the difficulty of finding relevant and accurate technical information on IBM products, the state of the Domino jobs market and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Colleen BurnsColleen Burns (blog I twitter I company) is the social media strategist for IBM Collaboration Solutions – where she is helping evolve IBM’s strategy around social media as it relates to Social Business. In a previous life, Colleen was a radio host and television news producer in New York.  She currently lives in Windermere, Florida — just minutes from Disney World — with her two children, Ryan and Caroline.  She is training for her first Half Ironman race in late September with the goal of crossing the finish line still smiling and standing on both feet!
Ray BilykRay Bilyk (blog | twitter) is a system administrator, collaboration engineer (and closet application developer) for a banking institution based out of Texas, but with offices in multiple states. He lives in Southgate, Michigan with his lovely wife, Jennifer and his two children, Kiara and Devin. He loves to homebrew, and almost became a radio disk jockey and an actor.


Next week is Social Media Week 

  • Follow #ibmsocialbiz for conversation re: Social Media Week
  • What is Social Media?
  • What about financial institutions – is SocMed as relevant there?
  • How is IBM (specifically ICS) embracing Social Media?
  • What Social Media efforts are ICS planning?
  • Do we have to move with as the networks change?
  • IBM seems to have a mix of employee/individual and corporate/brand/product accounts on Twitter etc. Is this a good practice we would advise for other orgs?

Trying to learn X-Pages …and fail by Christian Tillmanns 

  • Does this post identify a major problem with both wikis and blogs, tough to know the relevance of content to latest releases?
  • Amazing response from the commenters re: resources, many free and community-delivered
  • Matt White’s XPages101 materials, now 60 videos (250 subscribers). $60 discount available
  • Follow up post

Lotus Jobs market 

  • Seeing jobs market picking up in developer segment, particularly around XPages
  • Fewer positions around administration


For the one man or small IT shops it is a real pain when the power goes out as you don’t know about it. Well most higher end UPSes have SNMP card slots. These cards are about $250 each but can be set upi to email you when the UPS goes on to battery (and lots of other things). We have “plumbed”Nagios into it and use SNMP to also provide visibility into the state of the UPSes. Cards are available for Tripp Lite, APC and others are available.

Social Media Week site – check out the list of city events. Follow @ibmsocialbiz

When getting prepared for TWiL, whatever time you give yourself to prep… give yourself an additional hour! Also, work closer than an hour from home, especially when you’re on TWiL. (The drive will kill you!)

Zite – my favourite iPad app of them all. ‘Zite is a free, personalized iPad magazine that understands what you like and gets smarter every time you use it. Zite helps you discover what you’ve been missing.’

[Music this week is by Pomplamoose, taken from the track ‘Centrifuge’.  Get it and more from their site at pomplamoose.com or on iTunes!] 

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