Episode 58, recorded on Thursday 30th June 2011, discussing the new release of Portlet Factory, MWLUG, the XPrize Design Contest and *that* community call.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Mike McGarelMike McGarel (blog | twitter | company) is a Collaboration Solutions Developer for Czarnowski, a North American exhibit services company. He is responsible on both intranet and extranet applications. Mike is the developer for the Blogger Open and SkiLUG sites. He is Vice President of GRANITE, the Chicago-based Lotus user group.


Websphere Portlet Factory re-branded as Web Experience Factory

MWLUG (Midwest Lotus User Group Conference)

  • Dates: August 24-26, 2011
  • Place: Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel, Brookfield, Wisconsin (near Milwaukee)
  • Plan to have an XPages track like there was last year

XPrize Design Competition

  • Contestants build an XPages application based on one of the old Nifty Fifty templates from the R3/R4 days
  • Contest is Richard Moy’s idea — I added the templates idea
  • Limited to subset of nine templates to make the judges job easier
  • We have six judges total, from both inside and outside the Lotus community
  • We encourage particpants to submit their entry to OpenNTF.org when the contest is over
  • You can use custom controls from this XPrize contest for the current OpenNTF contest

The community call

  • How did the call meet the expectations of the attendees?
  • Changes in title of the webcast, was this wise? Created expectations that wouldn’t be met?
  • How do we take this new Social Business message to customers and executives in a way that makes sense of the Notes/Domino/Lotus heritage?



GPS Location by Acceleroto for the iPhone. This thing is scarily accurate.

Android phone app called Juice Defender which saves battery life. There are free and pay versions. I’m using the free version and it seems to be helping.

Alfred – great replacement for Quicksilver as task launcher on Mac. Free on Mac App Store, Lion ready.  Also, get free retakes on IBM certification exams

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