Episode 53, recorded Monday 23rd May 2011, live in Manchester at UKLUG 2011…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Mary Beth RavenMary Beth Raven (blog | twitter) is IBM Senior Technical Staff Member in the Lotus User Experience Design team
Mat NewmanMat Newman (blog | twitter | company) is the Director of Educaiton for ISW (an IBM Premier business partner in Australia, and this years winner of the IBM South-East Asis Business Partner of the Year award), Mat is a Lotusphere speaker of repute and renown and owner of the coolest yellow suit around!
Julian RobichauxJulian Robichaux (blog | twitter | company) is Programmer/developer at SNAPPS. iPhone, Java, IBM, Lotus Notes, etc. Accidentally funny at times.
Bill BuchanBill Buchan (blog | twitter | company) is a technology consultant, focused on enterprise collaborative applications. I’m based in North-east Scotland but work all over Europe, and sometimes I present at technology conferences using a mixture of deep-technology and humour to keep the audience awake.


We’re live at UKLUG 2011, how’s the conference
Talk about the keynote – get social, little notes and domino
A plug for Auslug
What will Lotus be called?
Should IBM give away solutions for free?
Are we in danger of becoming disliked as Microsoft is?
Is Microsoft still the most significant vendor for integration and competition?
Mobile first application development strategy?
Does data all have to held remotely with the cloud?
Does the need for partners go away with the cloud?


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