Episode 47, recorded Wednesday April 13th 2011, discussing the IBM Champion Program, clouds and AusLUG


Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company) and Mat Newman Mat (matnewman.com | matnewman | ISW) Director of Education at Australian Premier Business Partner – ISW.  A self proclaimed master of all things Notes and Domino who also happens to own #TheYellowSuit.


Joyce DavisJoyce Davis : (personal twitter | company twitter | company blog) I’m community manager for IBM in the Collaboration Solutions or “Lotus”division. I’ve “bled yellow”since 1983 when I used Lotus 1-2-3 version 1A for DOS to manage the WW Technical Education course schedule as an IBM co-op. (I was an infant, of course.) I joined Lotus full-time in 1993. I have a degree from Univ. of Texas in Sociology. All those who questioned the value of my degree can now SUCK IT thanks to the social business movement! 🙂 I’ve worked in MANY different roles at IBM over the last 18 years including technical support, people management, project management, communications, program management and now community management. I’m a mom, wife, flutist, Apple fangirl, and social network addict. Although I wasn’t born in Austin, I got here as fast as I could about 35 years ago. (I figure rather than go into detail on my job role, I’ll just answer that when you ask me about it.)
Mary Beth RavenMary Beth Raven Ph.D (blog | twitter) is IBM Senior Technical Staff Member in the Lotus User Experience Design team


IBM Champions Program 

  • What is this?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • Carl Tyler blogged about this in 2008
  • How is one “nominated”?
  • Who is the target “nominee”?
  • Do we have thank our family, friends, manager and agent if we receive one?

Mat interviews Darren and Joyce on Social Collaboration

  • Joyce, you’re one of the ‘Social Adopters’within IBM, (a) how has social changed the way you work, and (b) how that that affected the people you need to interact with
  • …have their work habits changed to suit yours? HELLL NOOOOOO
  • Darren, you’re a Business Partner and ‘work’ CLOSELY with “Lisa – the Social Advocate – Duke”how has Social affected the way you interact with your colleagues and customers?

IBM Launch “Smart Public Cloud Platform” 

Reminder that all 7.x releases goes EoL on 4/30/2011 

  • What ratio of clients are still on it?
  • When was the last time only “one”release (8.x) was supported?

SocialText #1, Jive #2, IBM #3 

  • Comments, feelings?
  • Where is MS?


Joyce: 1)  www.livestream.com/ibmsoftware and www.livestream.com/ibmimpact offer some great videos from IBM events (and of course livestreams if you catch them). I use the iPhone app and it’s a great way to access the videos remotely. 2) Follow Alistair Rennie on Twitter at www.twitter.com/alistair_rennie.

Mary Beth: In Notes 8+ Standard right click on any name, in the sub menu is “Find Available Time….”

Mat: Tip, ‘Lotus Week in Australia’keep these dates in your Diary, Monday 22nd – Friday 26th of August because this will be the greatest Lotus event in Australia since Fusion!  Kicking off with the View’s XPages boot camp and ending with the inaugural Australian Lotus User Group conference, visit www.auslug.org, fill in the survey to ensure we can get The View XPage boot camp to Sydney, and to have your say on the content that we should focus on for AusLUG.

Darren: I have a useful one!!!! Microsoft RDC Manager (RDCMan) allow simple management of all those pesky 2003 and 2008 servers you have to connect too. Free download from MS. (Thanks to Ken S for pointing this out to me)

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