Episode 46, recorded Wednesday April 6th 2011, discussing Domino as a RAD platform and more…


Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company) and Mat Newman Mat (matnewman.com | matnewman | ISW) Director of Education at Australian Premier Business Partner – ISW.  A self proclaimed master of all things Notes and Domino who also happens to own #TheYellowSuit.


Matt WhiteMatt White: (blog | twitter)
Lead developer at Elguji Software, owner of XPages101.net and founding consultant with the London Developer Co-op. Basically I spend my life working with different aspects of XPages as an ISV, a trainer and a developer. Also I help out with the upcoming UKLUG conference in Manchester, England. We still have a few places left so go to http://www.uklug.info to register.
 David LeedyDavid Leedy : (blog | twitter | Czarnowski Exhibit Services)
Corporate Notes Developer since 1994. Producer of the NotesIn9 screencast with heavy focus on XPages Development for the beginner.  XPages shows are collected at XPages.TV which also contains a free 2 hour XPages Jumpstart.  I also compiled the XPagesCheatSheet which can be found at http://xpagescheatsheet.com.
NotesIn9 is about to launch a new series of videos.  “Build an App From Start to Finish”. This will be an example app using RAD with XPages.


Domino and RAD

  • What is RAD?
  • Does RAD always equal GOOD? (as in good development practices and outcomes)
  • Are RAD solutions single page apps?
  • What place does RAD have in the Enterprise?
  • Has anyone recently had a RAD challenge?
  • What did it (RAD challenge) prove?
  • The Spanner! Is XPages the only choice when it comes to web development on Domino?

Lotusphere Comes to You has officially gone …is this the precursor to the rename?

  • This years events have been less Lotusphere and more IBM marketing, is this what the people expect?
  • So what could LS12 be called?

Classic is back and getting some comments on Ben’s blog

SugarCRM buy iExtenstion CRM

  • I wasn’t expecting that!
  • Sugar6 has “Activity Streams”
  • Seems everyone is adding these

Darren’s Twitter Battle over support

  • Should new browsers be supported via hotfixes or am I a senile old codger?

Google GMail slow downs

  • Ah the whisp, white fluffy cloudness of it all
  • Clouds are usually slow…maybe we need a nomenclature for “speed”
  • LotusLive Tornado
  • GMail Cyclone
  • Give the user some expectation of speed

We’d be remiss not to mention the release of Connections 3.0.1

  • Renamed to IBM Connections
  • Added:
  • “ideation”blogs
  • Multi-media support (is that even a word any more?)
  • Moderation tools


David Leedy: Free LUGS:  Pac LUG, UK LUG, IamLug, MWLug. So for the people, networking and information.  This week in Collaboration?  “Stuart Translates the World According to Darren”

Matt White: The XPages Toolbox project on OpenNTF is a great tool for performance profiling your XPage applications: http://www.openntf.org/Projects/pmt.nsf/ProjectLookup/XPages%20Toolbox
Oh and…. This Week in Denial. Ben Poole on the LDC Skype chat also suggested This Week in <Prince Squiggly Symbol> as well

Mat Newman: WildFire! 😉 … AusLUG, there is a Lotus conference coming to Australia, details will be announced shortly, keep an eye on auslug.org and follow AusLUG on twitter  … TWiL, hmmmm

Darren: Go listen to the Get Social Do Business podcast from Lisa. We’re often a tad myopic in the Yellow Submarine and this is good, not necessarily Yellow view of the social world. And yes, she forced me to pimp it 🙂

This Week In Clofuscation?

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