Episode 45, recorded Thursday 31st March 2011, discussing the new IBM Utility Server for LotusLive Notes offering, Connections 3.0.1 hitting the Greenhouse, WCM renamed yet again and more…


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Scott SouderScott Souder (twitter) is a Senior Product Manager at IBM, presently the Program Director and Offering Manager for IBM’s new “Software as a Service” product, “LotusLive Notes.” Scott also shares product management responsibilities for “Alloy by IBM and SAP. Scott began his career at Lotus in 1989 as part of the original team focused on developing and selling the Lotus Notes product.


Utility Server for LotusLive Notes launch – announcement, Ed’s blog post, Stuart’s blog post

  • What is it?
  • Who’s the offering for? Why limit it to LotusLive Notes customers?
  • Is this ‘private cloud’or ‘shared cloud’? Does it matter?
  • How is it licensed – PVUs? How is this calculated for Amazon etc?
  • A customer is likely to already have Domino Enterprise, CEO or Domino Collaboration Express licensing.  How do they transition to this offering?
  • How much control does a customer have over their apps? ACLs, signing, port access etc?
  • Is client access allowed?
  • As new releases of Domino (e.g. 8.5.3) ship, when will the service get upgraded?
    • What if the app needs to stay on an older version?
    • How does the customer test their app prior to upgrade?
  • Is pricing available yet? (New licence $205 US – tradeup $102.5 US)
  • What comes next?

Connections 3.0.1 on the Greenhouse

  • Available now
  • Lots of shiny new stuff – ideation blogs, photo and video sharing in communities, support for Oracle 11g and SQL Server 2008
  • Now called IBM Connections
  • Seems much faster loading than before on Greenhouse

Web Content Management (WCM) renamed again

  • Loses the Lotus tag, as does Connections when 3.0.1 ships
  • What should Notes Next be called?  IBM Streams? 😉

iNotes and FireFox 4

  • Gregg Eldred links to the “new”technote indicating a 8.5.2 FP2 targeted hotfix is coming
  • Should IBM be expected to support new browsers at browser release time?
  • Surely if anyone in the iNotes team had tested FF4 they would have seen the issue and headed off a bit of a YPR (Yellow Public Relations) dust up


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DarrenDon’t buy a door smaller than the hole it is supposed to cover…now the real tip – if you’re rolling out Win7 or Win 2008 Service Pack 1 be sure to check out my blog to avoid making all your servers unbootable. Seen a couple of these this week, hence the post.
ScottConsultants are worth every penny – its amazing how having an external person in to chair a workshop can get internal teams talking.  Buy Michael Sampson’s ‘User Adoption Strategies‘ book – it is even better second time around.  Look out for new one in 2011 too, promises to be excellent.
StuartWatch out for OS X update 10.6.7, Java update causes problems with desktop sharing



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