Episode 44, recorded Monday 28th March 2011, discussing the Sam Palmisano article and IBM comments, tablet sales in 2011, the Social Business Summit, Domino as a RAD platform and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Sharon BellamySharon Bellamy (blog | twitter) is the Lead IBM Software Support Specialist at City University in London working on all things collaborative and IBM/Lotus software based.


CNN/Fortune profile of Sam Palmisano

Enterprises will buy 50 times as many tablets in 2011 as they did in 2010

  • the number of tablets sold to Enterprise last year though was still really tiny. No wonder that “times” sounds huge

Dachis Group Social Business Summit

  • Sharon and Stuart attended
  • What were main takeaways?
  • Technology agnostic – is that a positive or a negative?
  • Is Jazz music the greatest example of real-time collaboration?

(March Madness Domino Style has taken hold)

5 minute RAD – Is Domino Really SO RAD?

Darren wants IBM to reduce the TCO for Domino apps

  • Ed hinted in the comments IBM may well be working on it

Phil Salm wants Cisco to buy Lotus

  • His title made us look twice…

Carl Tyler wants IBM to drop the Notes client (kind of)

  • Ed hinted in the comments IBM may well be working on it
  • Is an XPages only server the next great thing?
  • Is it time for IBM to look at it’s competition?
    • Visual Studio
    • DropBox
    • Skype
    • Outlook


  • Abstracts due by the April 5th
DarrenTDI tip – of the AMC seems inaccessible (i.e, you don’t see any images) try running “TDI_install_dir/bin/amc/setAMCRoles.bat(sh) username
SharonUse an iPad / tablet for taking notes while you are out and about – I didn’t think I would ever use it for that .. and that is now my primary use.
StuartBuy new batteries for your MP3 recorder before attending an event!  Seriously, DB2 config for Connections 3.0.  Be afraid, very afraid! Resource requirements are significantly up on 2.5.

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