Episode 41, recorded Thursday 3rd March 2011, discussing the work of analysts, the state of the collaboration marketplace in 2011, IBM’s new Social Business campaign and more…


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


James GovernorJames Governor (blog | twitter | company) is analyst and co-founder of RedMonk
Angela AshendenAngela Ashenden (blog | twitter | company) is Principal Analyst at UK-based research and advisory firm MWD Advisors, where she leads the Collaboration practice.

*** Please note: there is some ‘industrial language’ in this episode.  Please beware if easily offended, or if planning to listen in an open-plan office! ***



  • What the heck do you lot do?
  • How does one become an analyst?
  • What happens when you criticise companies?

Social/Collaboration in 2011 

  • Can we set the scene?  Who are the major players? Who’s up and coming, who’s fading away?
  • Cloud seems to be the big thing, at least according to Microsoft 😉
  • Isn’t everything cyclical?

Lotusphere 2011 / IBM Social Business 

  • What did you think of IBM’s Social Business rebranding effort at LS11?
  • James, you’ve been vocal about the importance of developers to the brand.  Can you explain why you think this?
  • The social collaboration and mobile market both are very consumer-driven at present – does IBM need to market to consumers?
  • How well does LotusLive now stand as a cloud-based alternative to the on-premise Lotus portfolio?
  • IBM seems to be deprecating the Lotus brand – is this a good move?


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