Episode 40, recorded Thursday 24th February 2011, discussing the design and information development methodology at work inside IBM/Lotus with IBM’s Director of User Experience and Information Development, Nokia’s decision to partner with Microsoft, the new XPages forum and more…


Chris PaulChis Paul (twitter | linkedin) is Director, User Experience and Information Development, Collaboration Solutions at IBM.
Mat NewmanMat Newman (blog | twitter | company) is the Director of Educaiton for ISW (an IBM Premier business partner in Australia, and this years winner of the IBM South-East Asis Business Partner of the Year award), Mat is a Lotusphere speaker of repute and renown and owner of the coolest yellow suit around!


UX Design at IBM 

  • What does Chris’ role as ‘Director, User Experience and Information Development, Collaboration Solutions’entail?
    • Do you manage a team?
    • Who is part of that team?
  • User Experience AND Information Development.
    • Why the two roles combined?  Are the intersections between their work?
  • Will IBM continue to offer offline documentation?
  • Do you manage design for web-based, client and mobile?  Does that bring challenges?
  • What are the goals and main focus areas in 2011?
    • ‘This year, our focus is on: user adoption, consistency and integration.’
  • We keep on hearing about OneUI.  Can you talk to what OneUI is?
  • Whilst the UI is similar cross the products, the process of customising the UI is very different (thinking of Quickr, Connections, Sametime, iNotes etc.).  Are there any plans to make this easier and more standardised? (Stuart)
    • Where do you see the future interface of the traditional desktop client given the OneUi approach for the browser based clients
    • We’ve seen a huge growth in mobile ‘Smart”devices based on simplified design, which has come at a functionality cost (Apple iOS sans Tasks) how hard do you find the trade off between usability and functionality
  • Has anyone looked at what features are turned on by default?
  • What other vendors do you look at and envy?
  • I would love for you and your people to come out to an Exchange to Notes migration and listen to the users 😉
  • Mac is a big topic today.
  • Does developing for the Mac lead to different design decisions to Windows-development?
  • How do you combine that with OneUI standards
  • As IBM adopts Social Business, users will look for design clues from consumer social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  These sites evolve fast with almost weekly changes.  Can IBM keep up?  Indeed, should it try to?
  • With the drive for continued improvement do you see the continuation of the point.point release of new features and functionality that we’ve seen in the last year or so?

Other News: 

  • LotusLive Notes support for Blackberry and Android announced this week
    • Additional charge feature ($10/user/month)
    • 300-user limit for Blackberry
    • Traveler expanded with Android support
  • Nokia and Windows Phone 7
    • What’s the impact?
  • QuickrD 8.5 Administration book from Packt released
  • Cisco killed their Radio Star email
    • Complaining of “commodity”for email
    • Is this the future of Office too?
  • New XPages Forum on LDD/Notes.net
    • Built on XPages no less!
    • Good idea?
    • It even has “pinned”topics!


Announcing the winner of the ‘Mastering XPages’eBook:
Andrew Welch,
University of Tasmania,
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


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