Episode 33, recorded Thursday 6th January 2011, discussing the Lotusphere 2011 Business Development Day, events for partners and get an exclusive on the location of the Lotusphere party!


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Colleen Hayes (email) is program director, Marketing Strategy and Channels for IBM Collaboration Software and is leading the business partner development day for Lotusphere 2011.  Colleen joined IBM in 1994 where she has marketing, sales and strategy positions at regional, national and global levels.  Prior to joining IBM, Colleen spent three years at Mall of America as director of Tourism Marketing and Group Sales, and three years at the St. Paul Convention and Visitor’s Bureau  where she held positions sales and marketing.   Colleen has an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and holds a Bachelors degree in Communications.

Jan Zeuthen (company | twitter) is the CEO and co-founder for Business partner Opus Neo. Opus Neo was founded almost 10 years ago and during that time Jan has been doing development, project management, marketing, sales, administration and got coffee for the developers. Jan is also the idea man behind Neo.Dashboard for Quickr.


Lotusphere 2011 

  • Now just 23 days away!
  • Lots of buzz around the conference
  • Tweets with #ls11
  • Blog posts re: Lotusphere

Sessions finalised, and applications available 

Business Development Day 

  • What is Business Partner Development Day?
  • What is the agenda for the day?
  • Why should partners attend Business Development Day?
  • Are there any limits on what you can reveal on Sunday?
  • There are certification labs at Lotusphere, right?  Would you encourage partners to take exams whilst onsite?

Why would partners attend Lotusphere as a whole?

  • Are there any special deals for partners that haven’t yet registered?

For the partners

  • What have we gained by being at Lotuspheres past?
  • What are you plans for LS11?
  • Do you genuinely do business at Lotusphere?

Other news


DarrenDon’t turn on Managed Replicas and “Use Local”in Notes without first ensuring the replica already exists on the local machine.
Colleen1) Wear comfortable shoes, 2) Plan ahead
JanLocal users in Quickr can also use the connector. Just enter the full hierarchy for the local user name as user name in the connector
StuartSkitch – the perfect Mac based screen capture tool. Now out of beta…

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