Our third episode, recorded today (11 June 2010). A smaller-than-usual cast, but plenty to discuss!


Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke.


Lisa Duke

This podcast is 62MB and runs for 65 minutes at 128kps. Enjoy!

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Darren: “Best Practices for Domino on VMware” June 15 via webinar. Email info@simplified-tech.com to register
Lisa: Tips In Two podcast
Stuart: Woopra site analytics

One comment on “3: Duke vs. Duke

  1. Wow. How depressing. You really confirmed what Jake said. Maybe I need to dump Notes altogether.

    I’m a one-person developer shop. Mostly I develop web apps for non-Lotus customers. None of my current customers use the Notes Client.

    One issue you could talk more about is how to understand the pricing structure on Notes. I’ve never been able to really understand it. Here’s what I need: what’s the smallest, least expensive Notes/Domino apps for a small customer who wants a few iNotes accounts and run the web apps I developed for them?

    Does IBM care about us small shops at all? (I suppose the revenue from folks like me is too small to care about.)

    As far as an app store goes, what I want is Notes templates that run well on the web without Java applets.

    Why would I use Symphony when I have OpenOffice? (I know about OpenOffice so my customers know about it.) The upgrade cycle for Notes is too slow and (I think) OpenOffice has more features than Symphony.

    Can Symphony do mail-merge with a Notes database?

    I don’t understand PlanetLotus. I added it to my news reader but, the articles in my reader don’t say much. When I click on the link it just takes me to the main PlanetLotus page. What good is that? I clicked through to several of the blogs but about 50% of them didn’t seem to have anything to do with Lotus. The ones that did I already have subscribed to. It would be useful if somewhere on the PlanetLotus site they had a mission statement or an “About US” page. I’ll definitely dig into the site some more. That’s just my first impression.

    So I realize I focused most of my comments on negative stuff. Sorry. I’m glad you guys started this podcast. Keep going. By the way, where’s the best place to make suggestions about topics I’d like to hear about? (Don’t make fun of me, but Twitter and FaceBook just don’t seem like a conversation.)


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