Episode 21, recorded Friday 8th October 2010, discussing the IBM’s reputation for social software, contacting IBM employees via Sametime and more..


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company)  & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Martha Hoyt is a Senior Product Manager for LotusLive. She has recently turned her role slightly to focus on developing the LotusLive partner platform, working with the early and strategic partners. She started her IBM career in Lotus working for a number of years in the Lotus Notes an Domino world both from a product management and development perspective.

Richard Bye (LotusLive Profile, LinkedIn Profile, LotusLive Home Page, IBM Homepage) is the Business Unit Executive for the LotusLive portfolio in Northern Europe.  Richard has worked in the hosted messaging and collaboration space for nearly 13 years, having been part of the launch team of TTYL for Telenor in Norway, started the Hosted Messaging business for Critical Path in EMEA, and was part of the senior management team leading Outblaze Limited of Hong Kong to acquisition by IBM in April 2009.

Erik Vos (company | twitter | LotusLiveProfile | LinkedinProfile) is (founder of RealConnections in 2008, before I worked for Lotus BP in the Netherlands and before that I was working within IBM Software Group in the Netherlands – Director Software Sales. RealConnections is a Cloud Aggregator, we combine Cloud Services for customers – we are not technical ;-))


LotusLive 1.3 announced

  • What’s new?
  • What are the features of LotusLive Engage/Connections Communities – are they equivalent to Connections Communities?
  • What use cases are expected for the communities feature?
  • What about Wikis and Blogs?
  • IBM seems to be working hard to bring other vendors/services into LotusLive – have there been any additions to the list?
  • Lotuslive Meetings is a key part of the suite – what changes have taken place there?
  • What do you expect customers to make of these changes?

LotusLive Notes updated

  • This was only released a couple of months ago, so what’s changed?

LotusLive Labs Concord

  • Collaborative editing in the cloud – What’s the latest status?

Lotusphere abstracts opened, deadline extended to 15th October

  • New tracks
  • ‘Interesting’ announcement of abstracts process – could IBM have done this better?
  • Any sessions submitted so far?

Why giving Designer Client away doesn’t matter to college students (have tried to cover in previous episodes, but not had time)

  • Blog post by David Hablewitz
  • ‘While it is good that Lotus Notes Designer is free, what is the point if the people most likely to use it can’t?   That’s right, they can’t use it.  Why?  Because they have Macs.  Yes, at Bellevue College, right here in Microsoft land, at least 1/3 of the students working on a degree in web development own Macs.  These people like public domain software.  They use OpenOffice, iTunes, any browser except IE.  These are the same people who jump for any software that DOESN’T come from Microsoft.  Yes, so close, yet so far.’
  • Designer client on Mac? Essential or nice to have?
  • How about connectors?

LoLA just finished

  • Whole conference under NDA, but plenty of discussion on the Interwebs (blogs, tweets etc)

Number of useful 8.5.2 posts on the Notes Design Blog


Darren: I love my headset – Logitech ClearChat Pro USB – here’s the newer Logitech H530 USB Headset on Amazon UK and Amazon US (affiliate links).

Martha: Had to leave early ;-(

Erik: Add admin account in LotusLive (for free) to your customers LotusLive account to help your customer. for example helpdesk_for_collaborationmatters@realconnections.nl.   Also, update your company profile in LotusLive: searching within LotusLive will find you on the topic you want to be found for

Richard: LotusLive has changed the way that I work, and as a team, we are far more efficient and better organised using the tools that LotusLive.com provides

Stuart: TripIt Pro (I know, I’ve previously recommended TripIt standard…) Pro version has recently been updated, to now include ability to track flight refunds if delayed etc, and most importantly, includes free membership to Hertz Gold and Regus Gold. VIP car rental and access to 1,100 business lounges worldwide. ($660 value) Costs $49/year.   Also includes aggregated tracking of airmiles, loyalty programs etc.

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