Episode 16, recorded Friday 3rd September 2010, discussing the new release of Lotus Quickr for Domino, issues with SMTP on Domino 8.5.2 and more.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) and Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Dave Kajmo (email) is the Senior Product Manager for Lotus Quickr at IBM.

Rob Novak (blog | twitter | email | company) is President of SNAPPS, an Advanced IBM Partner for 14 years providing products, services, hosting, and business process consulting in the collaboration, enterprise content management, mobilization and business intelligence markets. We’re known for doing Quickr work like customization, support, and templates, although that’s really about 1/4 of what we do – lately we’ve been doing Notes client sidebar apps, working with iPhones and iPads, XPages, the works. Everyone on staff is a 15-20 year Lotus nut. We just did announce our first paid product in seven years (since we tend to give everything else away), some modules for Quickr that really enhance the user experience. Rob has 3.99 business degrees, has spoken at most of the industry conferences and user groups on both technical and business topics, and last but not least we – meaning SNAPPS with the amazing co-producers the Turtles in London – produce Collaboration University.

Keith Brooks (blog | twitter keith@vanessabrooks.com www.vanessabrooks.com) – CIO of Vanessa Brooks, Inc. and Director of Services for the SAS Group, an IBM Business Partner for over 10 years based in South Florida. SAS is focused on infrastructure and services, not development, for the IBM pillars of Lotus and Websphere (and a wee bit of DB2). Keith manages the Southeast Lotus User Group and one of the largest Linkedin Groups, Lotus Software Professionals. Prior to being a Business Partner Keith was based in London for Lotus EMEA while working for the Lotus CTO.

Tom Tillery (company) is the Vice President of Paraklete Financial, Inc. and serves as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer.  Tom has more than 20 years of experience in financial planning, insurance, investments, philanthropy and tax planning.  He has provided these services to businesses, individuals and families of substantial wealth.  Paraklete are a Lotus Quickr customer.


Quickr 8.5 announcement 

  • What are the details of the formal announcement letter?
    • September 13 eGA (availability via Passport Advantage and PartnerWorld)
    • October 6 Media availability
    • Including following languages: Portuguese, French, Danish, Catalan, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Korean, Chinese – Simplified, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Croatian, German, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese – Traditional, Hungarian, Norwegian Nynorsk, English, Romanian, Slovenian, Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Czech, Slovakian, Italian, Finnish, Polish
  • Why does 8.5 matter?
    • To existing Quickr 8.x customers
    • to non-Quickr customers (either with existing Lotus investment, or comparing Quickr and Sharepoint)?
  • Use cases for Quickr
  • Enhancements
    • New UI
    • Linux support
    • New connectors
    • ECM integration
    • Performance
  • Loss of Quickr Entry
    • Will it be noticed?
    • What can we replace Entry with?
  • Should customers upgrade?
  • Is Quickr 8.5 a step on the path to Project Vulcan…
  • How should customers find out more about Lotus Quickr 8.5?

Lotus Domino 8.5.2 SMTP issue

  • What’s the problem?
  • Is it a show stopper?
  • What’s the workaround?
  • When will there be a proper fix?
  • Should customers hold off upgrading?


    • What was the event like?
    • Good turnout?
    • Amsterdam, 9-10 September


Stuart: Lotusphere is just round the corner, seriously.  If you’re thinking of submitting an abstract, put it together now.  If you’re thinking of attending, put together your business case now – flights are pretty cheap at this stage, and you can book the Disney hotels direct (Dolphin, Swan, Yacht Club or Beach Club *) at good rates (particularly with AAA membership).  Also, The Quickr Blog.

Darren: Be sure to “performance tune”your QuickrD implementation and also clustering is free to use for QuickrD as it is licensed per user (with the exception of Extranet)

David: Lotus Quickr/ECM combined bundles

Rob: More of a philosophy suggestion than a tip this time (last time, I gave you a notes.ini entry, so hey I get some leeway). When considering Quickr or an upgrade, or even staying on your current version for  while, remember that IBM sells it as a finished product but that there is so much more potential there for return on your investment. Consider your audience and their daily work interactions and activities, and where a self-service, workflow-enabled, integrated solution to simple everyday sharing and process needs could help. Then, read the blogs. Follow the tweets. Read the wikis (usually only the entries referred to in the blogs and tweets though, there’s some stale stuff out there!) Reach out to IBM and its partners and ask the hard questions about what is possible, not just what it “does.”There is so much more in the box than most companies have ever envisioned/envisaged, and I encourage any company who is about to or will continue to use “advanced collaboration”to get damned inquisitive on just how advanced it can be to help their company innovate and grow.

Keith: Quickr Blog Post of mine which highlights what is free and available for Quickr D and J. Also iNotes Redirector is your friend, make it fun for everyone to use it or make it more useful.

Tom: Use Lotus Quickr!  Our practice is virtual and meetings occur either at the customer’s location or at their other advisor’s.  Our discussions cover the gamut of disciplines –tax, law, investments and insurance. The volume of material to be reviewed at each meeting is massive and to transport these documents to the meetings presents both a security and logistical nightmare. Prior to each meeting our staff will telephone the customer and insure their ability to access their Quickr site. This enables the most effective use of time with the customer.

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