Episode 15, recorded Thursday 26th August 2010, discussing 8.5.2, removal of IBM Exchange migration service from website, the Lotus product forums, and more.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter) and Darren Duke (blog | twitter)


David Hay (blog | twitter | email) – Software Architect working for IBM Software Services for Lotus (ISSL) in the UK, designing, deploying and implementing software solutions using IBM Lotus software products, including Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr and WebSphere Portal.
Rob Wunderlich
(twitter | email) – independent consultant – doing Notes/Domino, Connections, Portal.
Bob Balaban
(blog | twitter) – not the actor of the same name, long time Notes/Domino appdev guy


Notes/Domino 8.5.2 

  • Released yesterday
  • Have you upgraded yet? If so what do you think?
  • What are the big wins?
  • recent contacts improvements (Nathan’s blog post)
  • speed (Keith’s blog post)
  • Seems much snappier than the DP Code Drops
  • XPages changes may affect your applications – so test!
  • Would you upgrade your production environments?
  • Download issues – is this just normal PA/PW pains, or was the issue a new one? (see discussion thread on Ed’s blog)

Removal of Domino-Exchange service from IBM site 

  • What can IBM do about these conflicts?
  • Was this really a win for the bloggers?

Lotus Product Forums 

  • Are they as useful as they used to be?
  • What can the community to make them more useful for new folks coming to Lotus?
  • Should IBM have people paid to support them?
  • Have product wikis made the forums irrelevant?

Quickr/Domino 8.5 on Greenhouse 


Darren: Ubuntu Netbook Edition – try it on your Netbook without erasing your existing OS. Much, much faster than Windows and very nice to boot. Lisa has been running it (and Lotus Notes) on her Lenovo S10e for over a year!
: Parroting one of Stuart’s pet peeves – ‘move the themes to the server’in Connections. Just got through with a heartburn-inducing project, and couldn’t customize the footer in Connections no matter what I tried. Followed Stuart’s oft-shared advice to move ‘em to the server – worked like a charm …
: Use Multitail to monitor logs etc. in parallel in the same window; avoids windows, windows, everywhere – very useful when trying to watch a product installation e.g. WebSphere Portal, which has lots of logs. On Ubuntu, it’s in the normal repositories.
: Use Fiddler to track HTTP traffic between your app and the server
: Replicate the forums!  Point your Notes client to notes1/notesweb (or notes1.notes.net), open regnotes.nsf and complete the application process for LDD registration. It asks you for a SafeID, and then you will be able to replicate any of the forums you have rights to access onto your client.  Wonderful for remote/travelling consultants.

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