Episode 12, recorded Friday 13th August 2010, with a focus on this weeks announcements of LotusLive Notes and Notes/Domino 8.5.2.


Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter) and Darren Duke (blog | twitter)


Ed Brill (blog | twitter) – is Director, Product Management, IBM Lotus software.  Ed’s focus is on growing and continuing IBM’s success in messaging and collaboration software, through working with customers, business partners, and IBM sales, marketing, and product development organizations.  Ed’s responsibilities in this role have included the market launches of Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 and 8.5.1, the introduction of Alloy, the release of Lotus Symphony 1.3, and plans/development for LotusLive Notes, an IBM cloud offering for messaging and collaboration. A frequent speaker at IBM and industry events worldwide, Ed is well known for direct contributions to the many Lotus software-focused social media and virtual communities.

Tom Duff (blog | twitter) – is a software developer focusing on Lotus collaboration technologies in Portland Oregon. He started working with Lotus Notes in 1996 in version R3 and has written and maintained hundreds of applications in large enterprises through the years. He also holds Lotus principal development certifications starting at version 4 and going up to version 8, as well as Microsoft and Java certifications. Tom is a prolific writer, both in various industry publications and at his website, Duffbert’s Random Musings, at http://www.duffbert.com. He also is a frequent speaker at conferences and events focusing on Lotus technologies.

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LotusLive Notes

  • Announced on Tuesday, available from August 24th
  • What’s the announcement all about?
  • Why did IBM feel that putting Domino/Notes into the cloud was important?
  • Notes is now part of the overall LotusLive suite. Is that just branding, or is there real integration there?
  • Ed said in his post “Today’s announcement marks the clear establishment of LotusLive as the leader in cloud collaboration.”That’s a pretty bold statement to make, suggesting you feel very sure that the announcement takes Lotus beyond the capabilities that Microsoft and Google offer – is that the case?
  • There has been a lot of talk of ‘hybrid’SaaS and on-premise platforms for collaboration (‘click to cloud’etc.). Obviously a lot of target customers for LotusLive Notes will already have Domino infrastructure, how will go about shifting from on-premise to cloud, or even maintain a hybrid solution?
  • What about apps?
  • Is customisation allowed?
  • What will Lotus be doing to make both owning and managing hybrid infrastructures easier?
  • Instant Messaging – dedicated or shared?
  • What are the costs? How does a customer buy it?
  • Opening out:
    • Apart from Ed, we are Lotus business partners that have customers with on-premise environments, or work in customer on-premise environments
    • What does this offering add to the options that customers already have? Can we see it being a popular offering?
    • Will it help in fending off Microsoft and Google?
    • What does this mean for partners?

Lotus 8.5.2 announced

  • Announced on Tuesday, eGA scheduled for August 24th
  • What’s new? What will be the most popular new features?
  • What’s missing? Directory Independence etc.
  • Traveler enhancements?
  • Any licensing changes or additions?

That Gartner report!

Tom’s book on Sametime

Google Wave killed


Darren: TNT Screen Capture for Windows – Produce very nice screenshots and call-outs. It is what I use for the blog.

  • Tom: I’ve started to play with a new text replacement utility (for Windows) called PhraseExpress.  Enables me to create text replacement macros as well as nice chunks of pre-defined text templates to use.  Liking it a lot…  and it’s free for personal use.
  • Ed: Flipboard for iPad, great new paradigm tool for ipad.
  • Stuart: Reeder – the best RSS feed reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $4.99 download, syncs with Google Reader, and hence with NetNewsWire etc. Awesome.

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