Our first full episode, recorded today (28 May 2010).


Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke.

“Horrible Lotus Notes” tweets, the every-increasing success of Lotus User Groups, that Apple tablet-thing, the end of Notes/Domino6.5, does Lotus really Know, and more.


Mike Smith, Tim Clark and Handly Cameron.

This podcast is 67MB and runs for 70 minutes at 128kps. Enjoy!

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Update: For the future we’ll be issuing show notes for each episode, but for this first one, here are the tips we passed on:
Mike: the Apple iPad
Tim: Notes.net and the Lotus Forums (Stuart added LotusInfocenters.com and LotusWikis.com, plus replicating the Forums locally)
Darren: NetFlix on the Nintendo Wii
Handly: XPages, and Bruce Elgort’s session on the topic
Stuart: Blue Microphones Snowball (Tim mentioned a good price on Amazon)

3 comments on “1: Google is the next AOL

  1. There is even a guy that sounds like he’s from the BBC World Service!

  2. Great job, chaps – having not heard Darren before, it’s interesting to see how his (to my ears) northern English accent has morphed since he’s been out in the US of A

  3. @Darren, thanks for that – for sure I learnt a huge amount from doing the Lotusphere podcasts before the event last year.
    @Dave, bless you! You’ll have to come on a show sometime soon.

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