Recorded on 23rd January 2013. We meet with Sam Sawatzky, Julia Weisman, Sarah Cenedella, Stephen ives and Joyce David to discuss Connect 2013 plans, the new Connections and XPages-based User Group community site, the latest updates to TeamStudio's Unplugged product and much more!

As I mentioned in the episode, for the third consecutive year, we'll be recording a live show with studio audience at IBM Connect!  That's your chance to question the panel, add your comments, and even heckle ! Look out for more details on location and time in the next few days!  Darren and I would love to see you there for the FINAL EVER THIS WEEK IN LOTUS

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Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)

Sam Sawatzky (aboutme) is a technologist at MCC - an international relief and development agency. While responsible for many aspects of IT, he takes a particular interest in Messaging and Collaboration.
Julia Weisman (twitter) is the Community Manager of She strives to support the IBM Collaboration Solutions community by providing resources and information to user groups and their members.Julia would love to connect with technical authors who wish to have more presence on Contact her at
Sarah Cenedella (twitter) is a Senior Director at WIS. Her responsibilities include overseeing the strategic direction of and the Global WebSphere Community. Sarah has been managing publications, conferences, and communities in the IBM and SAP markets for more than 12 years. Contact Sarah at
Stephen Ives (twitter | company) is a co-founder and Chairman at Teamstudio.  He is responsible for product strategy and product management for Teamstudio’s Unplugged mobile product line. He has involved with mobile startups since 2000 when he founded Trigenix, a mobile software company which was subsequently acquired by Qualcomm Inc.
Joyce Davis (blog | twitter | linkedin) is community manager for IBM in the Collaboration Solutions or “Lotus” division. I help bring together clients, business partners and IBMers to share their knowledge and collaborate. I’ve “bled yellow” since 1983 when I used Lotus 1-2-3 version 1A for DOS to manage the WW Technical Education course schedule as an IBM co-op. (I was an infant, of course.) I joined Lotus full-time in 1993. I’ve worked in MANY different roles at IBM over the last 18 years including technical support, people management, project management, communications, program management and now community management. I’m a mom, wife, flutist, Apple fangirl, and social network addict. Although I wasn’t born in Austin, I got here as fast as I could about 35 years ago.

IBM Connect
  • What are we excited about?
  • Mitch Cohen asked about tablet use  - what devices will you be taking/using?
  • How did the site come about?
  • How long has it been serving this community?
  • Who are WIS?
  • Why the new URL?
  • What has changed between and socialbizug?
  • What are the aims of the revamp?
  • Who has been involved in the new site?
  • Is IBM behind the effort?
  • What do you hope will be the results?
  • What has the feedback been like so far?
  • What does a Community Manager do?
  • How can people get involved?
  • Do you plan to move other communities (WebSphere etc) to Connections as well?
TeamStudio Update What else?


Options to keep up with Connect schedule - Traveler and Notes.

My new iPhone app: Songza! Gear up for IBM Connect with this fun free music app.

Live Tweeting, especially if you have to manage multiple Twitter accounts as I do, is easy with the Android app Tweetcaster. I love this app.

Trello - a really great free project tracking app for iOS and Android (and PC) from Fog Creek Software

OpenNMS -  open source enterprise grade network management
Connect app for iOS and Android.  Mars Edit - fantastic offline blog editor for Mac.


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