Recorded on Thursday 2nd August 2012. We are joined by Warren Elsmore, Niklas Heidloff and Christian Guedemann to discuss Warren's latest incredible Lego project and his link to the London 2012 Olympics, the new OpenNTF development contest and WebGate's experience with their winning entry last time, and the upcoming (at the time) UKLUG user group.

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As you may have noticed, August the 2nd was a while ago, so yet again we've had a bit of an hiatus in releasing these shows. The fault lies completely with me - vacations and workloads have definitely not helped.  However, rumours of our demise have definitely been exaggerated! We will be continuing to release shows to meet your collaboration needs through this autumn and winter, perhaps not every week but reasonably often, continuing to heighten your podcast pleasure through to the unbeatable climax of a live and final ever TWiL show at IBM Connect 2013 in Orlando.  Does that sound good?

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Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)

Niklas Heidloff (blog | twitter | OpenNTF blog) is is an architect in the IBM Lotus Domino development team and leads IBM's engagement in OpenNTF including
Warren Elsmore (blog | twitter) is both an IBM and Symantec Champion and a world-wide conference speaker. For almost ten years, he’s spoken at IBM conferences and been involved in the organisation of numerous European user group conferences for up to 400 delegates. His own event, UKLUG, annually attracts around 300 people from all over Europe, and on top of all of this is an artist in LEGO bricks.
Christian Guedemann (blog | twitter) is the leader of WebGates IRS (Innovation, Research and Standards) Team. He loves Lotus Domino, JAVA und all the new Stuff that has come with XPages. He is since Version 2.0 active in developing lotus/domino solutions. Christian is father of 3 Kids and work with his hole family also in the local church and leads there several projects.

Topics :
Warren, why are you at the Danish House?
  • What are you exhibiting?
  • How many bricks?
  • How much time?
  • How did you get it to the venue?
  • How much does your hobby/addiction cost? ;-)
OpenNTF Development Contest
  • What is it?
  • Why does OpenNTF run the contests?
  • How is this one (the 4th) different to previous development contests?
  • First contest to target Connections development. Why?
  • If developers don’t have Connections available today, what can they do?
  • MyWebGate was one of the winners of the last contest:
    • What are the benefits of entering the contests?
    • What entries have you submitted previously?
    • Why did you enter?
    • Why opensource?
  • Who is sponsoring this contest?
  • What are the prizes?
  • Blog posts on creating XPages controls and apps
  • London, Edinburgh, Manchester, where else but Cardiff?
  • When is UKLUG?
  • Where is the event being held?
  • How many UKLUGs/ILUGs have you run now?
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • What’s the makeup of the sessions?
  • Any other highlights?
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • How has the LUG scene changed over the past 3-4 years?

Other news:
IBM Sametime for iOS update
  • Improved chat history functionality
  • Performance on resume when Sametime was in background
  • Share your location
  • iPad Retina display support
  • Manage settings from the native app



AllTrails -  a very useful website and accompanying mobile app for finding places to walk/hike. May only have US hiking trails, but still good stuff.
Niklas: esp. TWiGoogle and TWiTech

If you’re in or around London at the moment, come into town and enjoy the atmosphere. Public transport is fine, there’s a party atmosphere all over the city and you don’t want to miss it!

A book called software Development by HeadFirst.

Macbreak Weekly also by  Also Downcast - the best podcast client for iOS.


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