Recorded on Thursday 20th July 2012. We are rejoined by two of our most popular guests ever, IBM's Director of User Experience for Collaboration Solutions, Chris Paul and ISW's International Man of Mystery, Mat Newman, to discuss a great new site for Notes users, designing for mobile, the new generation of OneUI, why Ginni Rometty has sparked a new focus on User Experience and much more.

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Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)

Chris Paul (twitter | linkedin) is the Director of User Experience for IBM Collaboration Solutions.
Mat Newman (blog | twitter | company) is the Director of Education for ISW, an IBM Premier business partner in Australia, who are IBM ICS and IBM Websphere ANZ Business partner of the year award winners.  ISW are also the folks behind WildFire! and Kudos Badges.  An IBM Notes user since 1992, Mat is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions, owner of the coolest YELLOW suit around, who by day educates Users, Administrators and Developers on IBM Software and spends his spare time keeping a bunch of people amused while they organise AusLUG.

Topics :
User Experience at IBM
  • Tremendous response to the last time we had you on Chris
  • That was back in February 2011, seems that a lot as changed since then
    • Mobile even more of a phenomenon (iPad, android tablets finally taking off, MS Surface etc)
    • Ginni Rometty has brought focus on User Design, User Experience and Customer Experience
    • Also looking at new sites that improve customer experience
  • Experience Lotus Notes
    • What is it?
    • How did it come about?
    • Why did you see the need?
    • Will these kinds of tips be included in the products themselves as well?
      • e.g. Notes 8.5.4 and Connections 4.0
      • How do you do that without reinventing Clippy? ;-)
    • Lots of well known community people listed
    • What are your plans in the future?
    • Will there be more tips, 8.5.4 Social Edition content etc?
    • Will there be other Experience sites? Experience IBM Connections for example?
    • Mat speak to a lot of customers and end users, can you see this site being popular and well used?
    • Need easy way to access... Already have it!
  • Changing nature of application access
    • Native apps are the primary access point etc
    • The upcoming IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Android Tablet App is fantastic, how hard is it to try and build a functional app that’s still simple and intuitive?
  • How do you manage customer/partner requests?
  • The new OneUI theme is garnering a lot of attention
    • Is black and white the new colour? ;-) (especially as MS Office 2013 seems to be going that way as well)
    • Great to see consistency across all the products - can we assume that Sametime and Quickr will go that way at some stage?
    • How do you feel about customer customisations?
  • What follows after Project Vulcan?
  • Do you ever feel you’ve delivered?
  • Designers being social?
Other News...
  • Microsoft announces first loss (as a public company)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 announced - The Lotus Notes workspace appears in another form
  • Microsoft Office 2013 previews available


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Visit the Experience Notes website!

Enable the ‘Preset Feeds’ in your Lotus Notes side-bar, and then subscribe to the Lotus Notes Tips, there have been some really great podcasts from the IBM UX team lately.

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