Recorded on Thursday 12th July 2012. Darren and Stuart are joined by Mike McGarel, Richard Moy and Merry Berg to discuss MWLUG 2012, the rise of user groups and their impact on paid events, Connections 4.0, Notes 8.5.4 packaging and more.  

Sorry but once again had a few Skype gremlins creep in through the show, so please forgive us - we've done our best to improve things as much as we can!  

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Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company)

Mike McGarel (blog | twitter) is a Collaborative Solutions Developer for Czarnowski Display Services, “XPages marks the spot” in my career right now. All of our new development efforts have been XPages-focused for over a year.  I am Vice President of GRANITE, the Chicago-based ICS user group. I also help out with various community get-togethers such as the Blogger Open at Lotusphere , SkiLUG and the annual Midwest Lotus User Group conference.
Richard Moy (blog | twitter) is the Managing Director of Phora Group, an IBM Business Partner focused on providing social collaboration solutions to small and mid-size organizations. He is the chief architect of the iPhora Application Framework, Phora Group's social collaboration platform. Richard have been working with Notes and Domino since Notes 3. Richard is one of the co-founding organizers of the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference and past President of the GRANITE Lotus User Group in Chicago. Before starting Phora Group, Richard started Taishan Works, an IBM consulting services organization and was co-founder of ReCor Corporation, a provider of interactive training for IBM and Microsoft products and solutions. At IIT Research Institute, Richard was the lead engineer for the computer simulation team for ten years.  He is a big advocate of open source solutions and the importance of UI design in developing applications.  His current focus is on incorporating responsive design techniques in the development of web applications.

Merry Berg (twitter | email | organisation) is a Software Specialist for Sauk County in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and works to provide solutions for our local government agencies. Merry attended MWLUG in 2011.

MWLUG 2012!!!
  • What is MWLUG, how did it start?
  • It is now a fixture in the community LUGs. Was that what you set out to do?
  • When is it?
  • Where is it?
  • There is also a pre-event this year too, right? (Ethical Hacking - check Paul Mooney’s site)
  • How is a LUG different from Lotusphere?
  • Special hotel rate ends July 25th
  • MWLUG 2012 Thrusday Social Event
  • Lisa loves to mention the Social track, tell us more!
Connections 4.0 (or Next) coming to Greenhouse
8.5.4 Social Edition now to be shipped as one release
  • Does the name / version really matter?
The Conference Landscape
  • Duffbert’s blog post about changes in conferences ( was discussed on TWIL. Are LUGs replacing paid conferences such as the those put on by the View?

    Tips (a site, feature, offer, app, gadget etc.):

    Fitbit. IT folks are a sedentary bunch. I use a Fitbit Ultra to guilt me into taking stairs and walking. Great example of a small device and web site integration. Since I got it a few weeks ago I’ve walked over 84 miles!
    Don’t try to learn XPages on your own - find a training company that can help, particularly around mentoring.  Read the XPages books too!
    Obviously, attend MWLUG for great technical/social content. Or another LUG or user group event. (also check out XPages on Stack Overflow)
    New to Dojo or Responsive Design, Two great sites to learn about these two technologies, and (also, for great XPages content)
    Social Connections IV, 30th November 2012 in Amsterdam.  New website at  For your smartphone/tablets, use a lockscreen image featuring your phonenumber, email and Twitter ID.  Has saved me more than once!


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