Recorded live in Dublin on Friday 22nd June 2012. What do you get when an Englishman and English woman, an American, a Welshman and a Dutch lady walk into a bar? Giggles that's for sure, but also some very illuminating discussion on matters of Social Business, IBM Connections, user groups and even Microsoft Surface.  

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Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company)

Femke Goedhart (twitter | blog | company) is a Business Consultant at Silverside, The Netherlands. She specialises in Collaboration, Social Business, Document Management and Workflow solutions.
IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions and enthusiast on all things Social.
Sharon Bellamy (blog | twitter | company) is a Business Consultant at Applicable, working with IBM Connections implementations and anything WebSphere or Lotus related IBM Champion, iSeries fan girl and friend of Mat Newman.
Simon Vaughan (twitter) is Deputy IT Director at Cardiff University and an IBM champion
Lisa Duke (twitter | aboutme | podcast)  is Business Development Manager for Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc. and host of the Get Social Do Business podcast

Social Connections III user group/conference in Dublin
  • Why, where, who for?
  • IBM's involvement
Upcoming user groups (UKLUG, MWLUG, Social Connections IV)
Microsoft Surface tablets announced

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  1. Mat Newman

    Awesome show

    07/04/2012 12:33:35 PM

    Great discussion on adoption, and why the paradigms are important to overcome. Also liked the comments surrounding extending the community, hope the powers that be were listening ;-) Thanks!

  2. Sean Cull

    Activities Entitlement

    07/05/2012 2:11:28 PM

    I think someone commented on activities being an entitlement.

    Could someone clarify 1) where there are activities are they limited to customers under active maintenance and 2) is activites an entitlement ?

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