Recorded on Monday 14th May 2012.  The sweet episode! SugarCon and the new Connections Suite.  Keith Brooks joins Stuart to discuss the news from SugarCRMs conference, IBM shifting off Siebel, the new IBM Connections Suite bundle and why IBM should be applauded for asking the dangerous questions.

(Sorry for the delay in getting this episode out,  Oh and sorry for the tweeting, Floridian birds are very loud at 6am!

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Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)

Keith Brooks (blog | twitter | aboutme) is CIO of Vanessa Brooks, Inc. an IBM Business Partner, and Director of Services for the SAS Group a Silver Level SugarCRM Business Partner both based in sunny and warm South Florida.  On his blog, Keith discusses the competition, sales, and technical ideas around collaboration and social business solutions. Keith was a co-author of the most recent IBM Lotus Quickr Administration book from Packt publishing. Keith has spoken at Sugarcon, Lotusphere, TheView Admin, MWLUG and various conferences on the subjects of management, social business, collaboration, troubleshooting and competitive situations. Keith volunteers with FIRST Robotics and ITWomen to spread technology to the high school levels and encourage more women engineers for the future.


SugarCRM and SugarCon
  • Keith has just come back from SugarCon?  How was it?
  • What is SugarCRM?  There is LotusLive/SmartCloud integration?
  • Is it only cloud based? Or are there appliance/on premise options?
  • How does it compare to
  • What integration is there with IBM products, including Connections?
  • Why have you become a SugarCRM partner?
  • What’s in it for Notes/Domino BPs?
  • What’s in it for Notes/Domino Customers
  • iEnterprises were recently acquired by SugarCRM? Where does that fit?

IBM Connections Suite announced today
  • What is it?
  • What's the aim?
  • Why has IBM bundled these solutions together?
  • What does it compete with?

Ed asks what are the priorities for the next release of Notes/Domino, summary followed
And Smart Cloud for Social Business can now be bought online



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