Episode 38, recorded Thursday 10th February 2011, looking back on Lotusphere 2011, possible Lotus re-branding, whether Social Business is well understood, the popularity of Lotus-focused books and more...

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Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)


Looking back at Lotusphere 2011 ‘Social Business’ - ‘Get Social. Do Business’ as a theme
  • Did attendees/customers/press get this?  Is there a sense that IBM is leading the field (and the conversation) now?
  • What does this mean for traditional Lotus partners? Will this lead to a new tier of business partners that can lead the Social Business message?
Looking forward:
  • Did you get a sense for what’s coming in the ‘Next’ versions of the product?  Is this Project Vulcan being realised?
  • Will Activity Streams become ubiquitous?
  • Is the future all web based? Will there be a place for desktop apps still? How about native mobile apps?
  • What will LotusLive Symphony bring us?  Is it a big threat to Google Apps?  Was pricing discussed?
    • LotusLive Symphony first look
    • Will this be IBM moving into a Fremium model?
    • Will it be available on-premise?
Success of XPages book - Mastering XPages
  • Ed Brill - ‘Well, they sold out at Lotusphere.  First time ever, from what I heard.  More than any other IBM Press book at an IBM conference.  None of this surprises me, because learning XPages is the single most-important activity you can undertake if you want to be on top of the game in building Domino applications.’
  • Still a real appetite for Lotus books and hard copy publications - Lotus Redbooks?
Social Business Jam
  • Have you partaken?
Domino Express Changes
  • All limitations besides customer size to be removed in 8.5.3

Darren VMware ESXi is free! Free, free, free.....and will work on ‘some’ SATA controllers
Jon Excuse me iPhone app - best anti-social app out there
Mitch Stuart and Rob Wunderlich's SHOW202 Connections Installation presentation, and watch for Darren's Kimonos videos.
Stuart Boxcar notifications app for iPad/iPhone - a mobile activity stream (via Luis Benitez)


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