Our eighth episode, recorded yesterday (Friday 16 July 2010). A round-table discussion of the latest news and topics of debate surrounding the Lotus brand, with a particular focus on Lotus Connections and social software this week.

This Week in Lotus 008 - Market-leading Connections (*DOWNLOAD OR STREAM THIS ONE*)

Hosts: Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke.

Mac Guidera (Twitter | Blog)
Chris Lamb (LinkedIn)
Sharon Bellamy (Twitter | Blog) Update: Lovely photo of Sharon preparing to record the podcast!
Adam Brown (Twitter | Blog | Company)

This podcast is 63MB and runs for 68 minutes at 128kps. Enjoy!

* Please note that all views expressed are the participants' own and do not necessarily represent those of their employer(s).

Show Notes:

IBM Named Worldwide Marketshare Leader in Social Platforms Software
  • IDC report link
  • Congratulations to all those that work on Connections and Quickr
  • Why should organisations be interested in who is the market leader?
  • What is Connections' value proposition (and is this changing with time)?
  • Who do Chris/Mac see as the main competitors?
  • Sharepoint 2010 is with us... Making any inroads?
How will IBM address external collaboration with the Lotus portfolio?
  • IBM doesn't rank on Gartner's "Externally facing Social Software" quadrant (led by Jive, Lithium, MS and Telligent).
  • What is IBM doing in this area?
  • Will Connections allow internal and external social collaboration in the future?
  • Extranet license - has this been successful? Are many organisations using it?
IBM Social Software and the business partner
  • The partner perspective
  • 3 of us on the call are BPs and work with Connections and Quickr
  • Why have we chosen to do this? What benefits do these technologies have or us, over say, Sharepoint?
  • Connections is seen as being very complex, is this really the case?
  • What are the opportunities for partners when working with Connections and Quickr?
  • Adam's posts on Portal integration
The customer perspective
  • What do organisations gain from using Social computing such as Quickr and Connections?
  • Get comments that Connections (and to some extent Quickr) can create 'messy' collaboration - how can organisations (and Connections admins) control this?
  • Comments from Adam on type of customer's/organisations showing interest and taking up Connections in Australia.
Connections 'Next '
  • What is coming in the next release?
Brief roundup of other stories
Our Tips:
  • Sharon:The healthy lifestyle app I use - ShapeUp iPhone or web, coming soon to Nokia and Andriod .. it's brilliant :)
  • Adam: We have just released today WildFire 1.4 on OpenNTF. Now supports Mac & Linux as well as a few new features.
  • Chris: Don't try to makeup new metrics to measure ROI on social software, use your existing business measures.
  • Darren: BES 5.0 SP 2 is available, as is QuickrD 8.2 FP 13
  • Stuart: Public skype chats for Connections and Quickr - contact me to be added!


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