• This Week in Lotus 103 - Making Social Connections in a Dublin hotel

    June 26 2012


    What do you get when an Englishman and English woman, an American, a Welshman and a Dutch lady walk into a bar? Giggles that's for sure, but also some very illuminating discussion on matters of Social Business, IBM Connections, user groups and even Microsoft Surface.

  • This Week in Lotus 082 - Zombie flu!

    December 21 2011


    Our second go at episode 82 features TWiL friends Lisa Duke and Sharon Bellamy reflecting on IBM Connect, the Social Connections event in Cardiff, a new fix pack (sorry Upgrade Pack) for Domino, Chrome overtaking IE8 and much more...

  • This Week in Lotus 068 - Hope is not a strategy!

    September 12 2011


    Episode 68, recorded on Friday 9th September 2011. We discuss memories of 9/11, MWLUG, Social Connections II, the loss of the Lotusphere CULT shirts, two significant departures and more...

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